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Mandy For Girls

Once Per Year


Mandy Annual

A Change Of Heart
A Friend For Freda
A Friend For Keeps
A Gift For Gran
A Miracle For Marie
A Toothy Topic (Grim Warning)
Babyface Bobbie
Baby Went Too!
Beth Of Battle Harbour
Boy Bother
Boy Trouble
Brampton's Big Noise
Brenda's Book Of Knowledge
Bunch And Judy
Call Me Cupid!
Captain Of St Crispin's
Collector Kate
Competition Crazy!
Crystal Ball
Cycle Care
Dance Disaster
Disc Din (Grim Warning)
Double Trouble
Dream Boy
Fay Fearless
Friend Or Foe?
Gail's Guardian Angel
Go Girl - Go!
Hair Care (Grim Warning)
Hands Off My Dad!
Hillary Of The Happy Bus
Hold That Tiger!
Holiday Magic
It's A Dare!
Jill - Junior Reporter
Jo and Jeannie
Julie The Joiner
Junkyard Jenny
Karen Of The Crusader
King Cat
Lanky Liz
Late Kate (b) (Grim Warning)
Lazy Lizzie
Little Auntie Annie
Mandy's Moments
Marie Claire's Holiday Diary
Misfortune Manor
M & J
Mum On Wheels
Mum's Bargains
My Bionic Budgie!
My Brother - Rex!
My Own Brother!
Nail Tale
No Good At Games
No Time To Dream
Odd One Out
One Jump Forward
Over-Eating (Grim Warning)
Pat's Cats
Paula's Pictures
Penny Of P.A.W.S.
Penny's Place
Present Problems
Quiet Please (Grim Warning)
Ready, Steady - Help!
Rent-A-Face From Rosie
Rikki's Radio
Rita The Record Breaker
Scruffy Story (Grim Warning)
Skateboard Sally
Skeleton Corner
Something Borrowed - Something Blue
Stage School
Stella Starr
Tennis Chimp
Yes... It's a monkey who plays tennis.
That Bad Dog - Rex!
That Imp Angela!
That's My Boy!
The Amazing Valda (Valda)
The Boy Zone
The Double Life Of Julie-Ellen
The Gift Horse
The Girl In The Mirror
The Girl Who Never Was (b)
The Girl With The Smile
The Guardian Tree
The Honourable SJ
The Lady From The Picture
The Lonely Lapwing
The Perils Of Slimming (Grim Warning)
A poem about a girl who dies of anorexia
There Was A Young Girl Who Lived In A Shoe
The Samsons Stick Together
The Secret Life Of Hateful Hattie
The Secret Of Clumsy Kate
The Slave Girls
The Story Of Sam
The Thing With Long Fingers
The Visitor (b)
The Whispering Shell
The Willing Hands Of Meg Smith
Tina Of Task Force
Toni And The Time Trigger
Tuesday's Child
TV Topic (Grim Warning)
Twin Trouble
Untidiness! (Grim Warning)
Vain Jane (Grim Warning)
Valda (Valda)
Wendy The Winner
What's Cooking?
When The Clock Strikes Twelve
Wonder Girl!
You Little Monkey!
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Mandy For Girls 1981 1981-01-01
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