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Lion Summer Special

Once Per Year


Captain Condor And The Unseen Invaders (Captain Condor)
Carson's Cubs
Fabulous Feats Of Robot Archie (Robot Archie)
Oddball Oates And The Treasure Ship
Robot Archie (Robot Archie)
Rory MacDuff And The Phantom Legion (Rory MacDuff)
Scrapper's Scrap Book
Spot The Clue With Zip Nolan
Stone Of Death
Stringbean & Hambone
Texas Jack
The Amazing Spider (The Spider)
The Clancys Go West
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Museum Of Wax (Rory MacDuff)
The Rebel Squadron (Paddy Payne)
The Ship That Fired Cheeses...!
Tug And Titch
Turville's Touchstone
Walking The Two-Inch Skyway
What Did You Do In The War, Dad?
Lion Summer Special 1968 1968-07-01 *
Lion Summer Special 1969 1969-07-01
Lion Summer Special 1970 1970-07-01 *