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Lion Holiday Special

Once Per Year


Adam Eterno
Barracuda Reef
Black Max
Captain Condor And The Forbidden Planet (Captain Condor)
Captain Condor And The Planet Of Treachery! (Captain Condor)
Carson's Cubs
Death Rides On A Rolling Wave
Disaster On The 79th Floor
Drive For Your Life
Fury's Family
He Was A Fighting Fury!
Jimmi From Jupiter
Lord Harry Of Hardupp Hall
Mowser And James
No Love For Guns
Paddy Payne And The Ghost Squadron (Paddy Payne)
Paddy Payne - Warrior Of The Skies (Paddy Payne)
Phil The Fluter
Return Of The White Eyes (The White Eyes)
Robot Archie (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie's Ghost Hunt (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie Vs. The Spider (Robot Archie)
Sergeants Two
Spot The Clue With Zip Nolan
Steel Commando
Sword For Hire
Terror In The Sky! (It's A Weird World)
The Blind Builder
The Can-Do Kids
The Clancy Brothers
The Clancys Go West
The Haunted U-Boat
The Last Of The Harkers
The Lion Of The Punjab
The Lion Street Lot
The Man-Eating tree Of Xingu
The Phantom Of The Church
The Quicksands
The Roman Legions
The Ship That Vanished!
The Spooks Of St. Luke's
Trelawny Of The Guards
Twist A Tigers Tail
What Did You Do In The War, Dad?
Lion Holiday Special & Thunder 1971 1971-07-01 *
Lion Holiday Special & Thunder 1972 1972-07-01 *
Lion Holiday Special & Thunder 1973 1973-07-01
Lion Holiday Special 1974 1974-07-01 *
Lion Holiday Special 1975 1975-07-01 *
Lion Holiday Special 1976 1976-07-01
Lion Holiday Special 1977 1977-07-01
Lion Holiday Special 1978 1978-07-01 *
Lion Holiday Special 1979 1979-07-01 *
Lion Holiday Special 1980 1980-07-01 *