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Lion Annual

Once Per Year


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Adam Eterno
Anchord To A Blazing Hurricane!
An Incredible Shot (It's A Weird World)
Archie And The Invaders From Space (Robot Archie)
Battle Of The Machines
Bertie Bumpkin
Bid For Freedom
Black Axe
Black Max
Bridge Of Disaster!
Carson's Cubs
Carsons Cubs In Trouble At Owlhoot Hall
Chester The Champion Chump
Cliff Hanger
Dan Dare And The Planet Of The Bee-Creatures (Dan Dare)
Dan Dare In The Games Of Doom (Dan Dare)
Do You Believe In Flying Saucers?
Dr Mesmer's Revenge
Drop To Danger
Flame O' The Forest
Flying Saucers - Indeed!
Gauntlet Of Fate
General Johnny
Ghost From The Ashes
H.M.S. Kelly
Jim Trim And The Fighting Caveman
Knights Of The Speedway
Last Days Of The Hunter
Law Of The West
Marty Wayne
Mowser And James
Noah's Ark
Nosey's Men
Oddball Oates
Operation Archie (Robot Archie)
Operation Deep Freeze (Paddy Payne)
Paddy Payne (Paddy Payne)
Paddy Payne And The Battle Of The Eagles (Paddy Payne)
Paddy Payne And The Fire Raiders
Paddy Payne And The Ghost Squadron (Paddy Payne)
Paddy Payne - Warrior Of The Skies (Paddy Payne)
Partridge's Patch
Phantom Force 5
Queen Of The Skies
Robot Archie (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie And The Arctic Terror (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie And The Inca Gold (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie And The Z-Ray (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie's Invention (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie (t) (Robot Archie)
Robot Archie - The Steel Giant (Robot Archie)
Rory MacDuff And The Sargasso Sea Monster (Rory MacDuff)
Scourge Of The White Eyes (The White Eyes)
Secrets Of The Demon Dwarf
Sergeants Four
Shadow Of The Snake
Spot The Clue With Zip Nolan
Steel Commando
Stringbean & Hambone
Suicide Mission
Sweeper Sam
Tales From The Tracks
Tangle Of Top Tree
Tatty-Mane King Of The Jungle
Terror From The Deep
The Airship That Broke In Two
The Amazing Adventures Of Mr X (b) (Mr X)
The Amazing Captain Wonder
The Amazing Robot Archie (Robot Archie)
The Bandit Who Ruled Mexico
The Camelot Clan
The Can-Do Kids
The Can-Do Kids In Moving House
The Dark Horsemen
The Days Of The Tommy Gun
The Devil's Elbow
The Fabulous Spider (The Spider)
The Fantastic Spider (The Spider)
The Fatal Crack
The Fugitive From Planet Scror
The Giant Dog Of Mause Valley
The Gladiators
The Gladiators In Valley Of The Dead
The Goldfish Club
The House Of Evil
The Jet-Skaters
The King Of Keg Island
The Kings Dwarf
The Last Of The Harkers
The Last Of The U-Boats
The Lifeboatmen
The Lion Street Lot
The Loch Tregar Terror
The Mad Millionaire! (Robot Archie!)
The Mummy's Curse
The Palace Of Villainy
The Plants Of Peril
The Return Of The Sludge
The Silver Colt
The Snake
The Space Freighters
The Speed Kings
The Spider And The Molecule Man (The Spider)
The Spooks Of St. Luke's
The Team Terry Kept In A Box
The Terror Of The Everglades (Robot Archie)
The Waxer
The Weird World Of X (Robot Archie)
The White Eyes (The White Eyes)
Trapped By A Giant Sea-Serpent
Trelawny Of The Guards
Turville's Touchstone
Water Logged
What Did You Do In The War, Dad?
When The Boats Blew Up
Zip Nolan
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