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Diana For Girls

Once Per Year


A Bird Called Peg-Leg
A Christmas Miracle (b)
Afraid To Tell The Truth
After The Long Sleep
Agatha's Fourteenth Birthday
A Girl Called Sarah
A Home For Sheba
A Lesson For Linda
All For The Love Of Lucy
A Lucky Day For Delia
A Million To One
And Then There Were Three...
Angela And The Pantomime Princess
A Penny For The Cornets
A Pony Called Fizzle
A Spot Of Bother
A Thin Time For Tessa
Aunt Gretchen's Secret Recipe
Babs Of Butterfly Farm
Bea's Year
Blanche And The Pirate King
Boy With A Guitar
Bunty's Prince Charming
But Some Things Are The Same...
California - Here We Come!
Can Time Repair A Broken Heart?
Charlie And The Birds
Christmas At Katie's
Christmas Magic
Clumsy Claudia
Dancing With Dianne
Day Of Danger
Dear Little Elf
Dear Sir
Dixie And The Good Deed
Double Talk - Double Data
Emergency Nurse Gwen
Escape To The New Forest
France Is Where The Heart Lies
Handy Mandy And Pal Val
Hi, There! I'm The Belle Of The Ball!
How Kathy Tricked A Ghost
I Love You, Bobby Denton
Ingrid And The Robot
Ingrid At Push-Button Academy
It Happened In Rome
Jane And The Squabbling Sisters
Jane Model Miss
Jo And Co
Keep Your Feet In The Sawdust & A Smile On Your Face
Kelly's Conquest
Kitty's Concert Party
Letty Leads The Way!
Life With Miss Peake - Ugh!
Little Amy's Secret Weapon
Little Red-Riding Hood Was Never Like This!
Little Yoo
Lorna At Court
Lorna In The Court Of King Arthur
Lorna In The Wild West
Lorna On Stage
Lucy And The Dog Next Door
Mactaggart Of The Mounted Police
Mallards Morning
Mandy The Thirteenth
Margie's Magic Moment
Mary Brown's Schooldays
Mascot Of The Ballet
Maureen And The Boy Next Door
May Was Meant For Dancing
Miranda's Mexican Ballet
Miranda's Mystery Plant
Mirror Mirror On The Wall
Mirror Of Evil
Mister Mack's Last Trick (Storyteller)
Mouse In The House
Mum's On The Council
My Big Brother Marmaduke
My Big Sister Billie
Mystery With Anita
Nellie Bashem And The Unwelcome Guests
New To The Prairies
Night Of The Witches (Storyteller)
Nothing But The Best - For Cousin Gertrude
Nursing With Norma
Ole! We're Away
Once Upon A Time (b)
One Dress To Many
One Upon A Wish
On The Wings Of A Breeze
Our Gang
Patsy O'Hara
Patti's Pony Express
Polly - Private Eye
Problem Dog
Queen Of The Planet Of Flowers
Rosie Red Riding Hood
Rusty's First Rosettes
Sadie Macbeth
Sadly The Olives Grow...
Sad September
Samantha - On The Slippery Slopes
Sammy Goes To Sea
Sam & Something Called A Stately Home!
Sara And The Singing Planet
School For Penfriends
Secret Of The Mountain Dog
Shona's Faithful Friend
Sing A Song Of Puppets
Skeletons In The Cupboard
Slave Of The Romans
Snow In The Summer
Starr Of Wonderland
Strange Things Happen At Christmas
Sue Of The Silver Arrow
Sue's Super-Looking Sister
Susan And The Sea Stars
Tales Of The Little People
The Affair Of The Artful Dodgers
The Battling Badger
The Bewildering Trial Of Ima Kneauezdroppa
The Bird That Eats And Eats And Eats
The Boy Next Door
The Broken Ballerina
The Bully In Blue
The Case Of The Harassed Heiress
The Cat And The King
The Constant Tin-Soldier
The Courage Of Caroline
The Day Of The Dancing Dolls
The Day The Monet Fell Off The Mantelpiece
The Fabulous Four
The Firebug
The First Punch And Judy Man
The Flight Of The Fabulous Four
The Friday Rocking-Horse
The Ghost in The Big Top (Storyteller)
The Girls From N.O.O.D.L.E.S.
The Girl Who Danced In Her Sleep
The Girl With The Magic Touch
The Gondoliers
The Handome Lad From Old Baghdad
The Hungry Years
The Ice Maiden
The Instruments Couldn't Agree
The Loneliness Of Being Sandra
The Long Lonely Night
The Love Locket
The Lucky Lollipops
The Magic Mirror
The Man In Black
The Manoviitch Experiment
The Mermaids
The Merry Mermaids
The Myster Of Eagle Island
The Old Wishing Well
The One Legged Eagle
The Other Catriona
The Pony Who Liked Fun
The Poor Miller's Boy
The Pride Of St. Petersburg
The Quest For The Golden Fleece
The Sacred Geese of Juno
The Secret Behind The Wall (Storyteller)
The Secret Of The White Rose
The Silent One
The Small Men
The Spells Of Pauline
The Swish Family Robinson
The Tell-Tale Ring (b)
The Terrors From The Tiny Planet
The Twisted Racquet
The Unlucky Horse Shoe (Storyteller)
The Village That Died
The White Stagg
The Wonder Girl
The World Beyond
Tree-Top Cinderalla
Trouble For The Terrible Trio
'Twas The Night Before Christmas
Two Can Play
Two Girls With But A Single Thought - Dave!
Up-To-Date Kate
Wedding Belle
Wendy And The Boy Next Door
Wendy Who?
What's The Time In Trinidad?
When Unbeatable Brenda Met Goal-Getter Gertie
When Vinegar Lil Turned Purple
Willa The Witch
With Lots Of Love
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