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Action Summer Special

Once Per Year


Action Mouse
Alec Shaw In The Craddock Story
By The Skin Of His Teeth
Challenge Of The Channel
Clash By Night
Code Name - Barracuda
Dredger in "Ladies Man"
Great Escapes
Greatest Of The Charioteers
Great White Death
Hellman Of Hammer Force
Hook Jaw
Look Out For Lefty
Mission Executed
Moifaa The Unconquerable
Night Of The Battlers
Roaring Wheels
Rougue Cop
The Crate In Hold Eleven
The First Marathon
The Hungry Sea
The Legend Testers
The Picture Of... Peril!
The Suicide Club
The White Chute Of Courage
They Called Him... Torpedo!
Action Summer Special 1976 1976-07-01 *
Action Summer Special 1977 1977-07-01 *
Action Summer Special 1978 1978-07-01 *