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Action Annual

Once Per Year


Action Mouse
Champ Of The Cinder Track
Cliff Hanger
Code Name - Barracuda
Death Game 1999
Death In The Mountains
Double Dynamite
Dredger: No Way Out
Dredger: See Berlin - And Die!
Hellman Of Hammer Force
Hellman Of The Afrika Korps
Hell's Highway
Hook Jaw
Johnny Zero
King Fred's "Toy Soldiers" (It's A Weird World)
Last Of The Fighting Chieftains
Look Out For Lefty
Monsters Of The Deep
Mowser And James
Nero Cotez Emperor Of Crime
Operation Egg-Shell
Phantom Ship Of The Pacific
Rory MacDuff And The Ghost Of Jason Rollo (Rory MacDuff)
Rory MacDuff And The Phantom Legion (Rory MacDuff)
Rory MacDuff And The Whispering Menace (Rory MacDuff)
Run, Rampton - Run!
Simon Test And The Island Of Peril
Six Rifles For The Czar
Ski Patrol
SOS International Space Race
Sport's Not For Loosers!
Sunk By Their Own Navy
Sword For Hire
The Alamo
The Big Breakout!
The Big Steal
The Chief They Couldn't Cage
The Coffin Sub
The Death Triangle
The Desert Fox
The Fat Man
The Flying Fortress
The Hindenberg Disaster!
The Island That Exploded
The Mail Must Get Through
The Silver Colt
The Sinking That Shocked The World
The Suicide Club
They Climbed... The Matterhorm
Thunder Bill
What's In A Name?
Wild Ones
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