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Wilf Prigmore


A Breath Of Life...
Colette tricks classmate (and us) in waxwork museum pretending to be vampire, rejects the garlicky food, that night classmate repels vampire with garlic breath assumes it is another joke and goes to find others but they have all been turned into vampires (dead empty eyes)

Age-Old Youth
Magic mirror gives Jill knowledge she will live to an old age and reminds Mrs Walker of her youth so both change their ways.

Don't Look Back...In Anger!
Girls go to haunted manor at full moon for a bet, see vampire and are terrified, revealed to us that it is demolition man dressed up and scaring away teenagers ‘Warning signs never worked, but this idea, had proved a real winner. […] Kids’ll believe anything. Except the truth!’

In A Broken Dream
Olive is rich and has no happiness so starts thwarting other people’s dreams, e.g. making girl miss pop concert, buying necklace another wants – and is threatened by dream Maker who will haunt her sleep – 2am and she dare not sleep…

It's A Dog's Life!
Mrs Abbott gives her dog Ling the best of everything and then discovers she has a grand-niece who comes to visit and is nice and starts becoming the favourite and Mrs Abbott realises ‘You are a selfish little thing’ and decides to change her will but that night Ling trips up Jane on the stairs and it is implied she dies

Panicked peasant girl running through village away from black knight executing people, told he is controlled by the ‘Master’, at end discovers she is a piece in a chess game

In Oceantown people come and go often, new student Shelley is very slow and gets in trouble for tearing up school vegetable patch, doesn’t notice enormous storm one night and we are shown trail of slime as she is revealed to be a snail

Sticks And Stones
Gossip columnist Joan uses crossed lines to overhear about scientist’s assumed affair with ‘Gert’, and prints story which distresses his daughter Marilyn - turns out that this is a machine he has invented to cure sick wife, and Joan is crushed by her books of names.

The Age-Old Secret
Sarah’s mother is desperate to stay young, buys all sorts of products and has a face lift, and in hospital is offered Egyptian treatment by ‘a greasy-haired unpleasant man’ who she believes is professor – Sarah returns home to find her mother mummified on bed and shouts ‘MUMMY!’

The Ghost Writer
Frame of writer writing ghost story, set in 1968 in which Jane finds a walking stick and when she returns to her house hears ghost of man from 1764 asking for it, who in turn thinks she is a ghost. Ends on question where does writer get ideas for his stories? And image of Tudor Museum.

The Staircase To Nowhere!
Jackie is born with only half her characteristics (Gemini) due to cosmic disturbance – friend figures this out and takes her back to birthplace where she is made whole – smashes window in anger at waiting so long!

The Story Of - Little Wytching
Jenny told legend of Old Meg (witch burnt at stake), disbelieves it but Meg is watching her, then accidentally burnt to death again by kids playing with matches who set house on fire (‘Years ago, the craft shop sold little hand-made peg doll witches on broomsticks, lovingly made by the local gypsies. Now they were all mass-produced in Hong Kong or Taiwan’).

The Swarm (a)
Tamsin's dad comes home from his job in middle east and brings a locust as a present from his boss but it escapes and gets bigger and soon there is a swarm, they try and get to plane to spray the crops but locusts fly at the car to stop them and pursue them into a church, until it starts to rain and they scatter, Dad claims it is a miracle and they realise it is St Swithun's Day.

Twist Of Fate
Jan in grip of giant python in jungle, flashback to previously her dad telling her about animals when plane they are on crashes and she wanders away from the wreck confused and cold, until caught by giant python but he just holds her gently ‘Keeping Jan warm and safe. She would stay there until the search party came. And she would be saved.’

Web Of Lies
Mean Rita tells lies and annoys Denise who visits old Mrs Black. Rita takes her place one night having told Denise Mrs Black is a black widow and killed her husband. Finds herself trapped in webs in garden and newsagent finds note that says ‘gone out to eat’.