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Rodrigo Comos

Born: April 28th, 1935
Country of Origin: Spain


Angela Angel-Face

Destiny Brown

Horse From The Sea

The Deliverers

The Haunting Of Form 2B
Judith and friends start a new modernised school but her friends are given old desks from cellar and become different and transported into past. Judith finds photo showing their teacher 100 years ago and realises everything she brings up from basement converts people to Victorians. Reports to police but no evidence, realises she is next based on photo of their ancestors with Miss Thistlewick. The clothes don't affect Judith and her friends ask for help, she realises Miss Thistlewick is trying to recreate a past boat trip and that her power is only when close to school. Pretends to be Victorian and gets the girls to row far away but when Miss Thistlewick pursues them they sink and nearly drown but are rescued by man who says he was warned by a strange woman. Miss Thistlewick appears and reveals she has been trying to make penance for the boat trip and then everything goes back to normal.

The Robot Who Cried