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Ramon Escolano

Born: September 10th, 1943
Died: January 1st, 1970
Country of Origin: Spain


Buried Treasure
Group of friends given treasure map in antique shop, go digging there and release spirit of warlock to terrorise the town

Food For Though (a)
Jill and Betty at end of idyllic holiday and looking forward to BBQ but then netted by aliens and taken across galaxy to be eaten, as one muses ‘I think it is immoral to eat other creatures… They may not be as intelligent as you and I. But they have feelings. They know pain and grief and terror.’

Forever Winter...
Stella wishes for it to continue snowing and it does – but only she can see it (panels showing her point of view, e.g. seeing her family as snowmen), people get tired of her ‘joke’ and her snow world becomes ‘dull and grey’ then she finds a dead bird and cries which melts the snow and ice ‘they belong in their proper place and I’ll never forget that – never again!’’

Hands Of Nefri
Jodi is given mummified hands covered in gold (though ‘taken’ used in first panel) by dying grandfather and promises to return them to Egypt but ‘I’m just nutty about having a good time – and I don’t give a hang who knows it!’ she refuses ‘Just an old mummy – she can’t hurt me!’ she dreams she is powerful and rejects her aunt/uncle then they all fade away and she is alone, when she wakes the hands have been shattered and she hears a mummy advancing (we see legs) and final panel reveal the skeletal hands are hers.

Heart's Desire
Victorian twins Effie and Dot meet two elderly strangers who ask them their wish, Effie is greedy and they adopt her and literally kill her with kindness

The Experiment
Fleur realises her father is a robot and house etc all plastic – tries to escape and dies. Message/framing story about animal testing (‘Don’t be silly – such tiny creatures can't think and feel in the way that we do’ with image of rat in cage alongside her).

Time School
Set in future: 23rd century and schoolchildren are on a field trip back in time to study extinct animals, Nora steals a baby panda to take back with her, breaking rule (‘I’ve done it! I’ve broken the silly old first rule of time travel!’) ('What has been done once can be done again') and is then kidnapped herself by students from 26th century (when even more animals have become extinct) citing this rule.

Twist Of Fate
Jan in grip of giant python in jungle, flashback to previously her dad telling her about animals when plane they are on crashes and she wanders away from the wreck confused and cold, until caught by giant python but he just holds her gently ‘Keeping Jan warm and safe. She would stay there until the search party came. And she would be saved.’

Uncle's Nasty Hobby...
Family inherit house from Uncle Gregory, venture into basement and are turned into miniatures in weather vane houses ‘Help – help us someone, please…!’