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Ramon Escalano


Curse Of The Desert Girl...
Lina comes out of desert into town to trade, says she can do rain dance and farmers agree to pay her but then take back the money when it has been done – next day their farms overrun with weeds due to too-heavy rain.

Elmo's Revenge
Paula steals book from neighbour Old Wanda who is said to be witch, sells it to Uncle, but knocks over a vase and Wanda slips and falls, cat begins to follow Paula about and she runs into road, hit by car, and Wanda takes over her body.

Last Encounters...
Family on spaceship, recurring dream of landing on a planet and being thrown into air by a quake, turns out they land on earth and are tiny, man wakes and throws their ship into air thinking it a kid’s toy – ‘…not all spaceships are gigantic!’

The Visitors
Susan runs away as poor aunt and uncle cannot afford to keep her, throws coin into wishing well and aliens appear who tell her they are trapped there; they put ancient coins in her bag and when police find her they become rich, and she buys chessboard for aliens.

Wrong Station
Kirsty is learning about WW2 and elderly neighbour says she will tell her, but then falls ill so Kirsty gets train to visit her in hospital but gets off at closed station where people are sheltering from bombs, is given sandwich and brooch by kindly women and then saved by underground staff, she later realises this was is her neighbour who died that afternoon.