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Pat Mills


Black Sunday
Rebecca and Susie go into derelict house and enter black-painted room, realise walls are actually covered with flies and giant fly has been released from box, Susie rushes out to tell police but then Rebecca comes out and says all is OK, though final panel reveals her eyes replaced with a fly’s.

Concrete Surfer

Girl In A Bubble

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel

Land Of No Tears


Red Knee - White Terror!
Andrea buys bananas from market with poisonous spider while hearing news report on radio, lots of panels showing spider on her without her realising (so reader knows more), it attacks her in bath but is just her brother’s toy trick (exploiting medium), final panel she relaxes and hand dangles down – as real spider approaches!

Jill goes to stay in Evergreen with her granddad for the summer, uncanny realisation townspeople standing out in rain at night and nobody has died for years, discovers they have roots. Final reassuring panel added where she decides to stay.