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Martin Puigagut


Aunt Mary's Blessing
Creepy Aunt Mary tells Melody that she is a gypsy witch and will give her the power, then dies and appears as ghost telling her to go find her inheritance, she digs up box with creepy hand in that then crumbles to dust, and has premonition her father will be OK in hospital ‘But will I?’

Happy Families
Fiona’s arguing parents break down in car and seek shelter in deserted house, she goes off to explore and is bitten by vampire (unseen except reaching arm; glittering eyes once she turns), in turn bites her family and narrates that she is now waiting for them to wake up so they can be ‘the perfect family’.

Home Sweet Home...
Gloria and family move to new house, which she hates. She is unpleasant to everyone and also keeps seeing visions of a swamp outside, goes for a walk one day and is overwhelmed by it all and collapses, Dr comes and tells them he had another similar case before, and that nastiness of that old woman and Gloria has summoned the nasty spirit of the swamp. Gloria is overwhelmed by visions of toads and says sorry to her parents.

House Of Faith...
Susan’s parents leave her home with housekeeper for a month, she treats house carelessly (parties, tramples garden) and everything she touches seems to break, gardener and housekeeper tell her it is because house needs love to survive but she ignores them, that night she goes onto balcony hearing sounds and it collapses and she dies ‘The house of faith had been a place of love. It died, becoming only a house of greed, of emptiness… but the house of faith made sure it did not die alone!’

Sea Demon
Ship finds survivor Wendy floating in sea, she tells tale of Gorr, a sea demon who disguised himself and came on her family’s yacht and wrecked it, she convinces them not to pick up any more survivors, but revealed she is the demon.

The House Across The Way...
Fran is looked after by her sister Isobel and is entranced by derelict house opposite despite her warnings, is praised for her science at school and then sees house has been made over, goes in and greeted by woman who turns out to be her in future – inspired to a science career by death of her sister. Ends from woman’s perspective ‘There was something familiar about that girl’.

The Pet Shop
Rude Vivien and Steve get a mouse from a pet shop to try in their maze, but forget about it and it dies of exhaustion, they return it and are taken to see owners of shop who are apes and lock them in a maze.

Where There's A Will...
Maid Molly pretends to be nice to her mistress and pet hamsters so she will change her will (but actually destroys her letters to/from her son), and then withholds her medication so she dies, and tries to drown hamsters, but they escape and eat the new will.