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Mario Capaldi


A Night Of Terror!
Lois unimpressed with waxworld at fair, steals magnifying glass, everything she looks at melts like wax, she returns it and he reveals it is his candles that have caused melting not the glass – blows out the third one which is of herself just in time.

Blood Orange
Historical. Amy helps her father on his market stall, accidentally sells some special oranges reserved for R.A. Claude, she goes with him to help unload them and she realises he is a vampire (anagram of Dracula) and is trying to escape when she wakes up and realises it was all a dream.

Country Churchyard
Kathy moves with family to village and doesn’t want to join in youth project to clear graveyard, loses watch and goes back at night and sees tombstone with her name (belongs to her grandmother)/meets ghost of her grandmother and decides to help.

Count The Flowers
Blind Polly comes and sits in the theatre for free every week and is company for the owner Mr Mobely who always gives her flowers. He hears her in the theatre on Sunday when there is no show, and realises she is watching a ghostly performance of a magician, Gant, who performed 60 years ago – he gives her back her sight and she says she believes in magic again.

Crowning Glory
Rona drugs and then cuts off her wealthy cousin Catherine’s hair after getting jealous about her portrait being painted, Catherine panics and dies falling downstairs and Rona gets locked in crypt accidentally – and then hair begins to grow up through the cracks in the floor, consuming her ‘Nooooooooo…!’

Crystal Clear
Katey looking round old museum stained glass (‘The windows depicted villainous characters from local history. Each one beautiful, but somehow menacing.’) after they are smashed by local gang she uses crystal ball to trap them in new stained glass windows instead.

Cursed To Be A Coward!

Date With Death
Bea and friend rob old antiques shop forcing owner to help them, he gives them calendar along with loot and their days are literally numbered and they disappear into illustration on it (very realistic/shadowy art).

Don't Look In The Mirror
Kate, Tom and Beth go to stay with their estranged Aunt Eliza, who warns them not to look in a mirror in her attic. Tom disappeared and when the children investigate they realise that they are figments of her imagination and already dead and join their family in the mirror.

Don't Look Twice

Dracula's Daughter

Forever In Her Eyes
Elvira is forever young and lives in forest near castle, eyes change with seasons, loved by everyone and old king allows her to stay, but when he dies and daughter is put in charge she orders her captured, child warns Elvira and she runs away but falls over cliff and summer does not come, no more seasons, world stays grey forever.

Ghost Dance

Ghost Of Christmas Future
‘A Misty Christmas Special Story’ – Set in 1998 there is a bus crash and passengers seek refuge in nearby house which claims to be a museum. They find it warm and cosy and as are all soaked put on clothes they find and eat the food and have a Christmas party. In the morning a rescue party finds the bus with everyone dead and refers to an old Museum nearby burning down the previous years, not realising that they have all celebrated ‘one final, happy Christmas’ together.

Ghost Of Christmas Past
(‘1928’ ‘A Misty Special Christmas story’) Sarah and family move into new house and discover an untouched room with a strange sense of sadness, some days later Sarah gets a terrible headache and they send for doctor and a strange man appears and saves her. Minutes later the real doctor arrives and tells them that they have seen the ghost of the previous owner who failed to save his own daughter due to drunkenness, and the next day they discover the room now clean and feeling ‘contented’ and ‘at peace’.

Ghost Of Christmas Present
(A Misty Special Christmas Story) – Same house as previous issue, now a small hotel. Diana, the new owner, refuses to throw the Christmas party for the orphanage as her gran did every year. Starts seeing the figure of an old woman around, and thinks it is her gran but it is not, then one day it speaks and tells her this is her in the future, alone having turned back on everyone, and she decides to throw the party after all.

Journey Into Fear...

Life's A Ball For Nadine

Old Collie's Collection
Shirley’s friends dare her to find out what is in Old Collie’s antiques shop she peers through windows and sees amazing snowglobes, goes back later to steal one and sell it, opens locked door within and finds herself trapped in a globe which he puts on shelf with others ‘My collection is growing nicely. How small it would be if there were less greedy people in the world…!’

One Last Wish
Orphan in historical France finds genie bottle and makes wishes to be richer and more powerful, changes places with old woman (tricked) and then Marquis and then Queen but each time refuses to free him. At end she is guillotined as Marie Antoinette (bottle is found broken and he escapes) and story ends on question ‘History tells us how Marie Antoinette kept her appointment with the guillotine. / But no-one knows what became of the genie!’

Out For Blood
Joan and class are on a school trip in Europe which includes a visit to castle of Countess Bathory who Joan relates to the old legend of bathing in blood. The bus crashes and Joan goes for help, the Countess reveals she is a vampire and tries to hypnotise Joan but her glasses are broken, and Joan pushes her into bath of water not blood which destroys her.

Sarah In The Shadows

The Cats Of Carey Street

The Collector (a)
2nd person narration – haunted postbox traps people inside, then is torn down for town redevelopment and new post office, releasing them all.

The Curse Of Castle Krumlaut
Historical. Shona is a sharpshooter in circus and is hired by Baroness to shoot a wolf but discovers it is the Baron who is a werewolf, she refuses to shoot him but in struggle the gun goes off and kills him, and Baroness reveals she is a vampire, but Shona shoots her too.

The Frankenstein Papers
Professor convinces gypsy Zerlina to show him to old haunted mill that has evil reputation which he believes was location of Frankenstein. He is injured and sends her for help, and lights fire that melts ice, freeing the creature, who tries to carry him to safety but they both burn to death.

The Monkey
Kitty teases organ grinder’s monkey and it bites her, she starts acting more monkeylike, and then music calls her to his house, where she changes place with monkey and realises she will have to dance like this ‘till the end of my days…’

The Return Of The Monster!
After the death of the professor Zerlina goes to seek out Frankenstein's monster and finds him, is taken against her will to dance for a travelling troupe of puppeteers, he saves her and her evil boss dies after falling to ground hanging from a net like one of his puppets.

The Sentinels

The Treatment
Londoner Glenda sent to correctional school decides to run away (‘I’ll get out of here without anyone’s help – and if any of you get in my way, you’ll get hurt bad!’ – circular central panel she breaks fourth wall and its boundaries with a clenched fist), cook helps her, revealed it is a trick by owners and Glenda is transformed into a tree and replaced by a perfect replica ‘filled with the gentle calm of the countryside’ – final panel of real Glenda trapped in tree trunk.

Three Flowers
1860 and Minnie’s mother dies leaving her 3 flowers planted in garden, pick in each will give her a moment of happiness, she has hard workhouse life and in spring picks them one by one, the last one when she is very ill and dies and stays in paradise with mother and friends.

Whistle And I'll Come...

Winner Loses All!