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Maria Barrera Gesali

Country of Origin: Spain


At The End Of The Rainbow
Sisters Karen and Lisa always fighting then find themselves at end of rainbow and able to see beauty and rainbows in everything and forgive each other; fairy? character thus proves self worthy of painting a rainbow

Cry Baby!
Catherine is adopted and constantly teased by her older sister Sarah which makes her cry, her tears drop in a wishing well and she gets one wish, next day she says ‘I wish you knew’ [what it was like to be cry baby] and Sarah is transformed into a crying baby.

Danse Macabre
Nadia cheats to get starring ballet role (de luca effect 11), steals mistress's ballet shoes for luck... Skeletal orchestra etc red shoes adaptation, forced to dance until she collapses, Lois gets role and Nadia has ‘damaged her feet’ and shoes ‘danced to pieces’

Lead Kindly Light
(set in past times) Ruth's stepdad is a shipwrecker, she runs away on ship with old rich schoolfriend that he wrecks and they die, her ghost returns and leads him off a cliff with false lantern light

Adopted Ellie has nightmares every night caused by her big sister Joan who tells her ghost stories, Ellie tells her gran (witch) who assures her it is all false and she will fix Joan, next nightmare Joan goes in to scare Ellie more and is picked up by ‘a creature from a nightmare’ giant horse that carries her off and Ellie is left with the new parents ‘If we’ve really lost Joan then all we’ll have is little Ellie. We must give her the very best we can.’ And Ellie and her gran ‘watched the true and authentic night mare galloping endlessly across the sky.’

Jill goes to stay in Evergreen with her granddad for the summer, uncanny realisation townspeople standing out in rain at night and nobody has died for years, discovers they have roots. Final reassuring panel added where she decides to stay.

The Bitter Tale Of Sweet Lucy
Lucy runs away from her keepers and is taken in by kindly family, sits near the fire and melts and her keepers reveal she was a waxwork with a soul.

The Body Snatchers

The Love And The Laughter
Molly makes a pact with Devil for her soul to help her Uncle’s ailing circus (despite his claims she helps him just by being around), it works and they make lots of money in just one day, then conjurer returns and Uncle figures out pact, they burn the book and spell is broken

The Monster Of Lavender Lagoon
Chrissie and family stop in caravan near Lavender Lagoon ‘once a much-loved beauty spot, now it is forgotten, deserted. A new factory has pumped its waste into the once-scented waters…’ EC-style heavy narration ‘It is your pollution, Jameson, that poisoned Lavender Lagoon. Pollution that begins to bubble and heave at midnight’ owner refuses to help look for her, monster arises from water at midnight, attacks him with own pollution and his secretary finds him (unseen, scream!) and Chrissie is returned to normal and lagoon is clean once more.

The Nightwatchman
Mandy is a bad girl at school and steals in spare time, meets old nightwatchman who says he will see her soon, next day near miss hit by car and spends day thieving and planning to run away to London, in evening sits with watchman and sees in his flames that she was hit by car earlier that day and begs for another chance as he turns into devil, last panel shows doctor saying she will live and policeman that maybe she will behave herself from now on.

The White Bird
Lucy is ill and white bird flies into her room, a bad omen but family decide to keep it and she begins to recover, one day scary man comes to claim the bird but it escapes, drops a single feather which falls onto Lucy; maid reveals man’s name was De’Ath ‘It was then that the white bird’s feather, which up till then had fluttered in the soft zephyr of Lucy’s breath, finally stopped moving!’

Two Left Feet
Anna puts a gypsy curse on her sister Jeanette as she is jealous of her dancing but the ribbon she uses is hers and she becomes clumsy instead, falls down stairs.

Voices In The Wind
Janice lives with her guardian surrounded by nature, gardening couple have been ripping her off by selling flowers, but she catches them and fires them and goes to get new hearing aid, while she is out they decide to chop down her plans to teach her lesson but are sucked into the shrubbery (faces shown on trunks in picture)

Who's A Pretty Boy Then?
Mean relatives are shocked to discover their rich Uncle Hector has left them nothing in his will except a parrot, which spews insults and pecks Vanessa’s face and escapes, they throw the cage away not realising its bottom is filled with diamonds.