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Ken Houghton


A Breath Of Life...
Colette tricks classmate (and us) in waxwork museum pretending to be vampire, rejects the garlicky food, that night classmate repels vampire with garlic breath assumes it is another joke and goes to find others but they have all been turned into vampires (dead empty eyes)

A Scream In The Night!
Jan wakes at 3am to see a shadowy man outside her third-floor window, he comes in and traps her in a ‘specimen box’ and takes her to his spaceship, then it is revealed that it is his nightmare not hers.

A Turn For The Worse
Mean Caroline forces mother to buy her a music box and is horrid to her friend, breaking her doll, ends up trapped in music box as doll and never seen again

Bridey Below The Breadline

Daisy Drudge And Milady Maud

Dark Secrets...Dark Night
Katrine travelling alone on train with kindly man in carriage, annoying man enters carriage and tells stories of ghosts and vampires to scare her, train enters tunnel and he kills the man and says he is a vampire, she reveals she is the train’s ghost and vanishes

Green Fingers...
Father becomes obsessed with making a red daffodil.

House Of The Past

Lights Out For Lucinda

Mirror Mirror On The Wall...
Sally and family move into new house with locked room with mirror, bad feeling, toby her dog dies when locked in that room, then sally’s reflection comes alive and grabs her, tries to swap with places but sally smashes the mirror and escapes ‘Every time I look in another mirror I’ll shiver… and wonder if she’s still there and waiting!’

Cathy cons old lady out of Moodstone ring for 50p finds it goes ugly colours only for her. Cathy is mean to people and Moonstone turns black, sucking all colour out of her life (uses medium - panels replicate the colours she sees eg purple tones and then finally B&W). Mean Cathy punished as Moodstone dazzles her and all colour vanishes from final panel ‘all the colour’s gone out of my life…wherever I look everybody has turned black.’ Narrative caption (no narrator shown) ending it ‘ Perhaps it was the moodstone dazzling her that made Cathy colour blind, or perhaps – with her black moods – Cathy had been colour blind to all the good things in life for a long time…’ – raising qs not answering them.

Room For Dreams
Janey moved into attic to sleep while her uncle stays with her and mother, bad dreams of accidents e.g. train crash, horses falling in races that then happen, uncle decides to make money from this (horse dreams, competitions in newspaper) and insists she must sleep in the attic despite mother’s objections, gets violent, next day she tells him she has seen him burn to death after falling asleep reading paper and dropping it in fire, and he runs away (which is what she really dreamt) (‘Did I do it all right, mum?’)

Terror Wore Blue!
Peta has nightmares about being caught in hurricane in arctic waste. Great use of fragmented splash page and colour to delineate dream/real world. Peta swept off beach into blue sea despite fears, wakes up in hospital in blue ward, saved by yacht called blue dolphin, these things happen once in a blue moon ‘the prophecy’s worked itself out now’

The Scarecrow
Viv looking after a farm gets rid of scary scarecrow multiple times then is attacked by vampire - scarecrow Charlie returns to save her (vampire is scared of his cross) then Charlie vanishes and Viv is distraught.