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Josep Gual

Country of Origin: Spain


A Room Of Her Own
Lorna moves in with new family but has to share room with Joan which annoys her and she starts trying to scare her, which works so well Lorna runs off in fear one night and dies falling into swamp – and returns to haunt Joan ‘You’ll never be alone again!’

Avalado's Portrait
Narrated by Maria. Artist Alavado draws portrait of her with ‘magic’ paint and then uses it to blackmail family as whatever happens to portrait she experiences. But her little brother also draws a picture of him and when she tears it in half he dies.

Black Agnes
Set in london plague, Agnes Barton takes servant position and kills and robs the family (pretends is plague) but is then haunted by them in new lodges, and knocks over candle by throwing gold at the ghosts in fear and burns to death (starting fire of London).

Danger In The Depths

Doorway To Yesterday
Penny refuses to sell Carnival she inherited to her mean uncle and friend and they decide to kill her but a mysterious stranger with roundabout arrives and protects her, and they hide in his roundabout and it takes them 100 years into the past.

Fangs For The Memory
Sylvia lives in swamp with father and is kind to its creatures, vampire arrives one night and wants her to show him way out of swamp (but intends to kill her) and she does, but firefly she has helped helps her in return by setting a light trap for him

Lift To Limbo
In 1900 London Beth works in a sweatshop sewing, wants to leave early to visit her great aunt but is too late and sees creepy hearse pass her, family go on holiday with money left to them and a ‘special gift’ is mentioned, bellhop in lift uses same wording to Beth and they don’t get in lift, which falls and kills everyone in it.

My Friend George...
Myra has a poltergeist in her room, parents don’t believe her until he literally turns room upside down.

One Bite Of The Apple...
Twins Gloria and Gwendolyn are violent and mean to everyone in village (in past), gypsy tells them of old forest with giant fruit and apples that let you transform into any creature you wish, they ignore warnings and eat fruit after darkness and turn into apples and she picks them up to put in a pie (movie gremlins?)

Queen's Weather
Sally and Gina are sunbathing and wish they could do this all the time (like queens or princesses), Sally swats a bee and they plot their revenge (narrator reveals this) and mass on her, stinging her, and she becomes queen of the hive.

Rogue Star
A rogue star is heating earth's atmosphere to point of death, Tina then comes out of anaesthetic and realises this was just a dream, but story ends with newsvendor putting up poster ‘Rogue Star’s change of orbit makes no difference to earth’s climate says scientists’ ‘But scientists can be wrong – was the nightmare only just beginning…?’ ref environment?

Safe Until Morning
Rita bored on camping holiday with parents, falls in lake but monster watching her lifts her out, and then scares away potential muggers, and retreats back into depths, next day she is found and family decide to go home having looked for Loch Ness Monster for weeks without a trace.

The Black Gauntlet
Village of Dunraven and Elaina is chosen to be the sacrifice for dragon, but knight comes and saves her by killing it ‘she felt strangely drawn to him, sharing a bond that was akin to love’ and gives him a flower but he refuses to enter the village. When she tells her mother she replies that her father was given a black gauntlet in dishonour when he married her and Elaina finds the flower she gave the knight inside it. Ends on questions ‘Who knows what truly happened out there at dragonrock? […] But Elaina believed it. For when she opened the fingers of the gauntlet she found ‘The flower… the flower I gave him!’’

The Changeling
Marie and Ann on holiday at remote Beaver Lake, Marie been as a child and keen to come back, promises to tell her story of why they are there after walk in forest, during which time she remembers being there as a child and getting lost and looked after by grizzly bear who keeps her warm and feeds her, father finds her and they don’t shoot bear, back in present day she encounters same bear and they hug, but passing hunters shoot the bear (‘Oh it’s cruel – so unfair! You gave me my life, bear, and now… now it’s cost you yours.’)

The Island
Angie and Sue on holiday, row out to forbidden island after being warned of mist and beast... island itself is beast and goes down to bottom of ocean with them.

The Wicker Basket
Eliza robs her employer as she thinks she keeps her money in basket and attempts to rob her, but is terrified by what she sees in there and dies of a heart attack (‘My precious’ ref LOTR?)

In historical Spain witchfinder statue was erected in gratitude, but a year before true events show that the statue is the witchfinder himself turned to stone and his men turned to trees by young girl whose family were witches – poetic justice ‘a heart of stone, Iserte … so be it. Let the rest of your body match your heart!’ ‘And you who would use wood to destroy life shall in turn become wood!’