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José Canovas

Country of Origin: Spain


A Duet For Three Hands
Karen is pressured by her parents into piano exams, wishes for another hand, and one appears but won’t let her stop playing, she crushes it in piano but it is her own hand that ends up damaged so her pianist career is over (happily for her).

Dora Dogsbody

Home For Tea
Addie and her sister Lynn go potholing, feels like they fall but do not move, when they emerge everything is wasteland and they return home and find their mum's gravestone and realise they are in the year 2058 and there has been a global war. They go back to the cave and wait a few more minutes, emerge into the far future where a city has been rebuilt, decide that although their family and life has gone they still have each other.

Looking After Georgy
Angela researches her family tree, is given an old carving of a bat and a journal by her gran who says she was told they should stay in the family. Reads journal of her ancestor Anna with same birthday as her who loves bats and is given the craving which she names Georgy after one in her barn. She marries a cruel man who poisons all the bats in their granary and she accidentally inhales it and dies, townsfolk think he has killed her and his fortunes change. Angela has a dream in which she tells them he did not mean to kill her and hears Anna's voice thanking her, wakes and vows to keep the bat carving and realises their names are anagrams with additional word 'GLAD'.

Marble Jaws
Trisha and Mary move into new house and explore mausoleum, Trisha gets locked inside and when Mary opens door she asks why she didn’t come sooner and who the old couple outside are. Mary explains ‘That happened forty years ago Trisha. I was knocked over by Daddy’s car when I ran to get help for you. […] But now we’re together again … for always!’

Mask Of Fear
Sue is looking for a Halloween costume to win first prize again, but she and mother have to go and look after their Uncle Henry, she steals a key from him and finds a creepy mask in his locked room which she wears and wins first prize. But when she tries to remove it there is another underneath, and another, and another…

Prize Possession
Annie is given a typewriter for winning a school competition but it is possessed and types creepy notes about previous owners, she ultimately sucked into it.

Run, Rabbit, Run!
Emily is called rabbit and bullied at school, saves a wild rabbit from snare and finally stands up for self, rabbits calls friends and they terrify the bully and she realises she is not afraid any more

Silver Lining
Ruby and her gang bully and steal from everyone in school, including sweet shop owner, who organises give away of bubblegum, they take loads and are lifted up into the sky.

Sweet Tooth
Caroline loves sweets and skips dental apt, then gets very bad toothache and taken to creepy dentist who gives her ‘teeth that will last for evermore’ and bites her ‘now she had a far more sinister taste to satisfy’ and pic of her showing fangs (again seems quite undeserved!!)

Take The Money!
Mary is offered deal to press a button killing an old Chinese lady who is in great pain and then she will get a million pounds. Friend rejects this (‘that’s monstrous!’) but Mary accepts and that night room is filled with banknotes – but then discovers she is trapped in the box as another person has taken same deal (‘You will get your money tomorrow morning – that’s usually how long it takes!’)

The Evil Garden
Ruth is captured when picking herbs and made to tend the garden of evil Ruella and her kind sister. Discovers that Ruella plots to kill her sister but she is pricked by white rose and dies and her kind sister takes over.

The Ghost Of The Butterfly Ballet...
Evil director uses a real butterfly in show every night, lead dancer Emma sets them free, and then moths invade the theatre 'Moths! Ugly and fat! Their wings cold and clammy like the touch of winter!' and audience etc all desert it, evil owner goes broke.

The Girl Who Walked On Water
Nan is a problem child, sent to Ms West’s house and continues to be mean, sees girl walking on water and forces her to tell her how, and takes her magic shoes, but then realises that they will make her sink on sand and girl tells her she is now free and Nancy will have to stay at sea until another girl comes.

The Last Esmeraldo
Toni is from family of high wire performers but is scared and dreams of falling every night, when her mother falls and dies her father makes her take on act, she tries to run away but he catches her and takes her to perform, wire breaks and he slips and revealed to us that her friend Cracko the clown set this up to stop him destroying her, but Toni says that now he is dead she must always do the high wire for she is the last of the family.

The Sea's Graveyard
Jane and father on their ship Sea Lady and it sinks in storm, she wakes up on ocean bed in another ship, finds scrolls with names of shipwrecks on them and meets Davy Jones, she defies him and burns the scrolls and floats to surface, they are found by another ship who say it is 6 days later.

What's On The Other Side?
Witch escapes in medieval times and travels to future where she possesses disobedient Peggy while she watches TV and traps her on other side.