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Jorge Badia Romero

Born: November 11th, 1938
Died: January 1st, 1970
Country of Origin: Spain


An Eye For An Eye...
Slave Esther has a cruel mistress who captures leopards and treats them badly and kills one for skin, takes the other to Rome but the leopard roars and attracts attention of Arab pirates on a Dhow (African ship) who take them prisoner and release the leopard, Livia ends up sold as a slave.

Joanie wants a life like Lady Agatha character in book, finds spellbook in Professor’s possessions and bullies Old Nell into explaining spell to her, is interrupted by Professor and takes the wrong book into magic circle, ends up trapped in Dracula (‘Her senses slowly left her as she slipped into deep, unfathomable darkness … / And knew no more.’)

Darkness At Noon
Italian city in past, Julia has horrible nightmares of herself in the future and city being engulfed but nobody believes her, she is drugged and sent to bed and it is revealed in narration that this is Pompeii and Vesuvius is erupting, final panel of tourists ‘Poor girl, she must have died an awful death…! I wonder who she was…?’

House Of Snails
Sally’s dad is trying to breed intelligent snails and everyone teases her so she smashes up his work and makes it look like vandals, the snails trip her into coal cellar and immerse her. Policeman tells her father to accept the worst and he remains convinced of their intelligence but with no idea what has happened. (‘They’re all I’ve got left now Sally’s gone. Doubt I’ll start up my experiments though.’) Utterly bleak.

Hunt The Ripper
Mysterious guest at victorian lodging house - Alison looks in his trunk convinced he is ripper but 'body' is a ventriloquists dummy - reveals he is Count Dracula and he pursues her then kills Jack the Ripper 'Throughout the night those two creatures of evil grappled with each other, forgetting Alison. Who knows who won? But there were no more Ripper murders ... And Count Dracula was detained so long he could not return to his native earth before the sun rose. In some dirty East End alley he must have withered to dust in the sun's rays.' (13) - reassuring narrative voice conclusion

Sally Davies and four strangers wake up in house, strangers start to disappear one by one, she escapes but pullback to reveal giant apes playing a board game.

Mountain Girl
Anna and her Grandfather help a village grow crops but they become greedy and won't let them leave; her grandfather is accidentally shot and Anna goes home and brings an earthquake down, destroying the village.

Mrs. Barlow's Lodger...
Kate and mother take in creepy Dr Stark who sits in his room writing music and never eats. She follows him to graveyard one night and he reveals himself as a (very scary!) skeleton and raises the dead. Kate cannot tell anyone.

Family move into old cottage and are troubled by rats, ask creepy Laird Cameron to help and Doris returns to house to get a book and sees a giant bat eating mice, final panel reveals he is vampire (but left unsaid and she never realises).

Screaming Point

Spitting Image
Princess Rebecca is vain and jealous of her servant who is growing more beautiful after an artist paints her portrait, she imprisons him and he draws a ugly portrait of her (‘I can paint only what I see’) for which he is tortured, but Sarah rescues him and they escape and Rebecca ends up looking like her hideous portrait (‘I could see only cruelty and ugliness – and, in truth, that is what I had to portray!’)

The Day The Sky Grew Dark...
Tatum sent to live with Uncle Maxwell in his creepy silent house, discovers he is keeping birds in cellar and experimenting to gain power of flight, they escape and peck him to death, she answers phone and says ‘right now… he’s feeding the birds’

The Ever-Open Door
Marianne on school trip to castle she claims was owned by her ancestor, told legend of ever-opening door from when he tried to wall up heir to fortune, argues with the guide and sent back to coach but sneaks into room and door finally closes behind her, when class look in they find skeleton that is never identified and she is never seen again.

The Forest Of Fear?
Heidi Klimt loves Smirch Forest despite bats etc and werewolves/vampires rumours (‘If only I could explain properly why I’ll never be scared of the forest, or let stories of werewolves and vampires make me fearful!’), encounters stranger on way to grandmother’s house, he beats her there and turns out to be werewolf, she orders him off and is revealed as vampire in final panel (visual only – ‘the thing Heidi had become’), crying ‘I hoped you’d never need to know my secret, Grandmother…!’

The Last Hunt
Poor widow and daughter killed by murderous squire on his hunt, after they die he chases two vixens into bog and dies.

The Missing Piece
Freda is jealous of the attention her cousin Joan (invalid) gets, her father gives her jigsaw made of a ‘special’ sandalwood ‘I picked up in India’ so she steals a piece and throws it out of window, Joan falls down stairs (dead?) and uncle runs over piece in car, damaging? Removing? her face (unshown) – bad end for everyone!!

The Power Of Young Melissa
Melissa is able to restore those who have died before their time back to life, is caught by mob boss dying of old age, takes life from his men using the death stored inside her.

Welcome Home
‘From the beginning there was something wrong with Linda … something different about her!’, obsessed with fires and burns down warehouse, dog helps her escape and leads her into cave where she meets the devil who takes her into hell.

Witch Hunt
Frida and baby sister Anna being pursued by witchhunters, they capture her but it is revealed that the baby has the power not her and she saves her.

Sara on holiday is bored and goes to disco with Paul, travelling across moors despite ‘Just daft tales – about vampires and werewolves, stuff like that. None of us young ones believe that rubbish – all we want to do is have a good time!’ On way home they stop to pick wolfsbane flowers which he tells her show it is time for werewolves to come out and she sees his hairy hand and face and runs off on his bike back to town, goes to disco and Stella opens door and she tells her story, Stella reveals she is Paul's sister and a werewolf too.