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John Armstrong


A Date...With Destiny
Karen dreams about grappling with a stranger and falling off a cliff while running away, wakes and reveals she is in wheelchair. Taken to clinic for ‘miracle’ treatment and realises it is the one from her dream, bursts into tears as dr says she can’t wait to run along them.

A Little Night Music...
Shipwreckers crash the ship The Vulture, discover its cargo is just music boxes but survivor claims they are magical, they call the ghosts/zombies of all the dead sailors who come back for revenge and kill the pirates, and Bella reveals she is a witch.

A New Leaf For Nancy
Nancy and family are down on their luck, move to new house where neighbour tells her previous owner claimed the tree was magic, things start to go well for Nancy when she finds leaves from the tree in her hair or washing, but only if they fall naturally. Council come to pull down tree but a freak accident stops them, Nancy's parents find some money hidden in the house, but it is counterfeit and her Dad's old partner fakes a crash so they can go on the run. Nancy takes a cutting for old lady who lived there before but Irene steals it. Dad's partner attacks her mum but Nancy saves her and her Dad gives himself up and gets a reward. The tree vanishes - but maybe it will return next year.

A Picture Of Horror
Zoe discovers her mum was a witch, curses school bullies and traps them in pages of a horror comic.

Beattie Beats 'Em All!

Cave Of Dread
Steffie overcomes her phobia of furry things and saves her friend in cave of bats, wins respect of bullies

Curse Of Gantreth House...
Sara is maid in 1913 in Gantreth House, shelters raven and an ancient curse enacted through her, and the family all die and house is levelled to ground.

Dead End!
Cath Clarke is a bully at school with unwilling accomplice Jane, when she leave school takes to mugging old lady who runs away into road and is hit by bus, Jane and Cath start to see her ghost and Cath goes for job interview and old lady answers door, she runs into road and is hit by same bus, revealed that lady is twin sister.

Dead Man's Eyes
Glenda at posh school for girls on archeological dig, bored, finds skull of prophet El Urah with power to see future in his eyes, she sees future of her friend Cheryl’s accident in it but doesn’t warn her to see if it is true, then uses it more despite warnings and steals it, inherits curse as part of prophecy and future is now seen in her eyes.

Pickpocket Tracey steals magical lens that makes her invisible but it gets smashed by a tramp who finds it and the world vanishes around her (medium fades to white)

Grandfather's Clock
Bully Cluny is left a legacy of a clock by her grandfather which strikes thirteen and sends her into a parallel world where she is bullied and smart and her grandfather is still alive. He warns her about her behaviour and her clock is sold by mean aunt and when she tries to get it back she is sent to prison. She is caught up in an escape attempt, she hides from police and meets her grandfather again who reveals that he makes time machines that look like clocks. He sends her back home now she has learned the importance of being kinder to people.


Mr. Walenski's Secret...
Postwar London (chad graffiti!) mr w is a new neighbour for molly and family, she thinks he is a spy and goes through his stuff but finds only that he has lost his daughter and was in a concentration camp for 5 years, cries ‘Now you know my secret – and now just leave me alone to find what peace I can!’ ‘His secret in the box…just the remnants of his tragic life…!’

Prisoner In The Attic
Miss Michaels goes to clear out her attic and meets strange woman who claims all the stuff is hers – suffragette, war nurse, but forgot her ideals and sold out, turns out she is same person and miss m has died a week ago clearing out the attic ‘which one of us will they remember, do you think?’ ‘you’re no longer a prisoner in the attic. Perhaps – perhaps it will be you. The young girl I was so long ago!’

Vain Anna sees herself as hideous monster in a magic mirror her dad has brought back from Hong Kong – goes to magic mirror fairground and friends play a trick on her to think this is real and she resolves to change - pink colour way back cover and reveal that Dad has accidentally broken ‘real’ mirror (so she will see herself OK in future) - it works by suggestibility.

Room For One More
Bully Julia and her gang steal fruit and she mugs a shopkeeper then runs out into road, narrowly missed by car, gets on passing empty bus and then sees her own body in road and realises bus is headed for ‘HELL’

Seal Of Secrecy
Margaret is forbidden to swim in sea by her dad as her mother drowned, but longs to – one day meets a girl in cove by her house but when she tells her dad he forbids her, telling her she is a Silkie – a seal that takes on human form to lure people to their death. Girl returns and Margaret goes into water with her, but revealed that Margaret is the Silkie, like her mother before her, and story ends with girl’s family waiting for her.

Stranger In My Mirror
Mary and her family are down on luck, she buys a mysterious mirror from old antique shop and soon realises her reflection comes out of it and helps her. The mirror is broken but fixed, she is nearly caught a number of times, and ultimately it is stolen by bully Lydia, they struggle over it and throw it into river which releases the water sprite inside and brings her good luck - her Dad comes home from hospital.

Take Two
Mandy and Trudy go swimming, attacked and eaten one by one by shark, film director shouts cut but then actor with mechanical shark appears and he realises they have really been killed

The Chair That Chilled...
Bookended by Misty. Janie and family move to new house, roof leaks and neighbour says he will pay for it if they take an old chair off his hands. Told it is cursed and they start having bad luck and cannot get rid of it, but when Janie smashes it up it is full of money and legally theirs.

The Evil Djinn
Kitty saves a genie from choking and gets some cursed wishes (sister dies and gets money, then sister lives but is invalid) but outwits her ultimately with third wish by wishing she had never met her.

The Figure In The Fog
Sue and Dad drive back from seaside day out, fog comes in and they are asked to helpwith an accident and find a crashed police car. They call police who come out but there has been no fog and no crashed car - policeman says this is a crank call that happened three years ago. When the cops leave their car has same reg as the crashed car - Sue realises they are the ghosts performing this over and over again.

The Ghost Writer
Frame of writer writing ghost story, set in 1968 in which Jane finds a walking stick and when she returns to her house hears ghost of man from 1764 asking for it, who in turn thinks she is a ghost. Ends on question where does writer get ideas for his stories? And image of Tudor Museum.

The Girl Who Walked Through Walls
Madge Preston mugs gypsy for power, only last 3 hrs ends up trapped in police station.

The Gravedigger's Daughter
Katey is teased and bullied because her dad is gravedigger, she hides and catches pneumonia and dies, main bully is forced to go and put flowers on grave but is not sorry, hand comes out and holds her there she is found dead of fright in morning (Carrie similarity?).

The Greek Girl
Rose has no confidence and is terrible at everything, until Penny appears and helps her with her homework, sports, swimming etc. Rose recognises her from a statue in the museum and hinks she is the goddess of confidence. It turns out Penny was the model for the statue and imprisoned in it by the goddess for her arrogance. She vanishes and Rose resourcefully goes to look for her, and Penny reveals she has not been imprisoned in the statue as she has done such a good job of helping others. She disappears and leaves Rose her cat and a new permanent confidence.

The Jukebox
Stacey and friends hang out at local café dancing to jukebox, she invites Ned a gypsy but others kick him out and he puts curse on them making them dance mindlessly, she runs to his camp and smashes crystal ball which kills everyone there.

The Silver Racer-Back

The Swim For Life

Who Pays The Ice Cream Man?
Hooligans on estate are changed into good kids by his icecream but OAPs go back on their word of paying him - hypnotised into following van out of town - Pied Piper.