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Jesus Redondo

Born: August 8th, 1934
Country of Origin: Spain


Hangman's Alley

Living Doll
Barbie is bored watching TV and dreams about living dolls from advert then thinks she sees one at window (‘what does it want with me? Why is it haunting me?’), goes out to help friend with some sewing and encounters doll again realises she wants her to help her owner, little girl who has fallen in river who she saves

Long Way From Home


The Governess
Mary Connaught employed as governess for little Audrey who seems perfect, but she finds her looking out of window at figure of woman in forest during night and next day Audrey tricks her and locks her in cellar with another previous governess who explains she wants her old governess back who died 6 months ago – final panel demonic Audrey and ghostly/zombie governess ‘You can come back now Miss Phelps – I’ll have no other governess but you – ever!’

The Pointing Finger