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Jaime Rumeu

Born: January 14th, 1930
Died: January 1st, 1970
Country of Origin: Spain


Day Of The Dragon

Dressed To Kill!
Nancy and friends go to a fancy dress party where Nancy wants to win prize (despite not making her outfit) and spies Brenda who told tales on her before, follows her into room and Brenda (in spider costume) eats Nancy (dressed as fly).

Nightmare Academy

Rope Trick
Miss Jodie kicks gardener's dog, persuades him to do rope trick or she will have him fired, then trapped in land above (stealing jewels) when dog takes rope. Chased by Kali statue.

Skeletal highwayman with reluctant girl accomplice, makes her lie in road to stop coaches, she tries to defy him, they go to inn and are told about ghost at nearby gibbet [a gallows not a gibbet??], next robbery goes wrong and highwayman says he will set up innocent traveller for crime, but turns out to be ghost and he runs with terror into arms of law.

Spend, Spend, Spend!
Goldie wants money to buy nice clothes for herself, makes a deal with two goblins that they will give her money and when she has spent it all will become part of their …errr… collection. Decides to keep last 10p but parents borrow it and she locks goblins out of house, but they transport the entire house with her inside it to their realm.

The Black Widow

The Cult Of The Cat

The Ghost Of Golightly Towers

The Haunting Of Hazel Brown

The Nine Lives Of Nicola

The Queen's Hair
Middle-ages, cruel Queen Elida has no hair due to illness when young, out hunting she is given hairband by old crone that will make her hair grow if she wears it for 24 hours, no more, and it works but she forgets and hair grows out of control, and witch has died in cold dungeon, it takes over palace and kills her ‘She brought about her own downfall by becoming a prisoner of her own hair.’