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Isidre Monés

Country of Origin: Spain


Alien Seed
Libby has to go stay with her boring uncle in holidays, he is growing a special plant from prehistoric seed, it turns out to be carnivorous with a drug-like scent and she chops it down to save him. He doesn’t believe her and she is sent home, and final panel shows more growing.

A Little Bit Of Magic
Mrs Molloy is driving and picks up a girl who claims she can fly, hides her from villagers and when they get to cliff top she takes off as a beautiful swan ‘and perhaps a little bit of magic is just what this sad old world needs’

Fairy Gold
In medieval England, rude peasant Agnes tries to steal fairy gold and avoids some of their tricks, but falls asleep in their land and time passes more quickly outside, she escapes with gold but is old and dies trying to get back into fairyland

Flight From Fear
Plague in London 1665, Lucy sends her maid Peg out to get lavender before they flee the city and she has an accident and so they leave without her, Lucy waits in coach outside inn as she doesn’t want to ‘mix with those country bumpkins’ then deathly coachman takes her coach and brings her to plague pit she wakes up and says they must go back for Peg and they find her safe.

Friends Of Alison
Alison and her mum on way to a new house, Alison has a happy dream of voices calling her 'Alison's home!', goes to nearby deserted house but finds children there to play with, who tell her they have left her a secret envelope, when she finds it she realises the house is actually old and deserted and faints. The envelope she has found is deeds to the house showing it belongs to her family, her aunt and uncle come home from abroad to claim it and she realises they were the children she had been playing with and who left her the envelope.

Heaven Is A Hummingbird...
Lynn and big sister Karen have moved to West Indies island from Birmingham which Lynn loves and Karen hates, Lynn has accident picking flowers for her sister and loses her sight, hummingbird guides her up mountain and her sight is restored by seeing a rainbow ‘Your hummingbird and the mountain have worked a miracle, Lynn. And I’ve been blind, too, in a way… But I’ll see things differently from now on!’ (use of colour)

Honey's Bees
Honey and her father keep bees, he dies and she is distraught but put under care of kind uncle, then meets Bill and wants to marry but he is arrested, bees attack uncle who reveals he framed him as had gambled away her inheritance

House Of Horror

Linda is ugly and teased for it, and meets old woman who gives her magic mirror that will make her beautiful, but warns her not to let any harm come to it – she blossoms but is still rude and snobbish, and argues with her mum who slams door breaking mirror –next morning she wakes up and her face is distorted like cracked mirror ‘After all, would you want to face yourself every morning, like this…

Miss Cassidy's Cat...
Neighbour jilly chases cat, thinks mrs c has made him giant but final panel reveal she has shrunk her instead. Given viewpoint of witch through eye shaped panels p25

Monster Movie
Kaye and little sister Gemma are watching a monster movie on TV Kaye is bored and Gemma is scared so turn it off and go to look at the old house in town which looks identical, while there Kaye scares Gemma and she decides go home, Kaye finds old movie reels showing monster attacking some guy ‘This wasn’t in the film we saw on TV … not really surprising though… / No-one could possibly believe such an improbable monster lived in this house…!’ as panels show monster about to grab her.

Perfect Specimen
Gail desperately wants a good fossil tries to steal one from museum, climbs tree and gets covered in sap like amber but this then revealed to be a dream, ultimately sneaks away and finds ammonite, but ends up trapped in ice – being viewed by futuristic creatures at end using same dialogue as her at start ‘To think that primitive creatures like this, teeming millions of them, were once masters of the earth!’

Sharp Lesson
Fay, Anne and Carina taunt a glassblower and smash up his shop, he makes glass effigies of them that night and they all have same strange fever (burning as the glass burns – horror panel) they go back and smash the effigies and shatter themselves (Anne tries to stop others but drops hers in panic as he appears).

Jenny befriends a partially albino blackbird and saves it from others, and from a cat – she catches severe cold waiting for the vet and gets pneumonia and fever, bird sings and brings her back from death and she finds she can sing too now, bird dies, but she becomes famous singer.

The Bell Jar
Great Aunt leaves Katie model house in Bell Jar and parents upset as she was possessive of father – Katie ends up sucked into Bell Jar and trapped in model house (parents devastated but is Katie happy?)

The Devil's Pipe
Debbie on holiday in Cornwall finds old pipe with metal detector, blows it despite warnings, in night hypnotised and calls up skeletons etc. cousin Liz follows her and grabs pipe and throws it into the sea.

The Family
Judy is teased at new school for her scientist dad being a ‘mad scientist’ like Dr Frankenstein who is making monsters, goes to ask him about it and he reassures her, but next day same teasing and she goes up to his lab to investigate, while her teacher phones town they came from to find out more about them and help Judy make friends, but told they have no child at all – Judy runs down stairs when she hears her Dad coming but slips and final splash panel shows her as a robot (‘Poor Judy. Perhaps she shouldn’t have hunted quite so hard for her father’s… monster?’)

The Fetch
Spoilt Anita boasts about wealth, then father made redundant, has dream of going to ball in hearse/coffin shaped panel that then seems to come true, but hearse is at wrong house – sees error of her ways and gives away ball tickets to friend

The Final Piece
Rita mugs kid for jigsaw bought at jumble sale but only finds one piece inside, takes it to donator to complain and finds nearly complete jigsaw into which she puts the final piece and it is a picture of her, trapping her in house until another mean child comes along and completes the puzzle, so donates it again to jumble sale

The Golden Princess
Fairytale setting. Lucas and 'Bad John' plot to steal gold from generous princess - she is Midas's graddaughter and turns them both into gold statues.

The Purple Emperor
Betty is obsessed with catching a Purple Emperor butterfly for her collection and gets increasingly cruel about it, then trips while hunting for one and is woken by pounding footsteps of giant purple emperor creature who catches her in net and puts her into killing bottle – wishes she could wake up but story ends.

The Simple Job
Terri's uncle tries to have her killed so he can inherit carnival but Frankenstein, Dracula and Werewolf characters from ghost train finish him off instead.

Violets In The Moonlight
Sir Mortimer sends away a starving child who has travelled far with a letter for him, saying he will only feed her if she picks violets for the ladies at his dinner, she dies in woods and it is revealed is his daughter, he is haunted/unhinged by this and walks the woods shouting for peace.