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Eduardo Feito

Country of Origin: Spain


A Leap Through Time...

Don't Look Now!
Nosy Jennifer prys into everyone’s business, man comes into pawn shop where she works and leaves glasses, she tries them on and sees everyone as an animal; when he returns he says she can only take them off if he can have her soul (Satan) or she can keep them on forever and shows her herself, as an ass/donkey.

Halves In A Horse

Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel

Rag Doll
Rachel is bullied in orphanage and her wicked aunt plots against her to take her inheritance. Through witchcraft she creates a rag doll and sends it to her and when Rachel makes a wish it acts upon it, injuring her mean teacher. That night Rachel wishes to be dead and the rag doll sets a fire, but it catches fire itself and her aunt burns up and Rachel inherits her fortune.

Silver Is A Star

The Pony From The Moorland Mist
Tracy moves with her father to superstitious Cornwall, finds a black horse on the moor, the neighbours decide he is evil as she found him in a fairy ring and he attacks the horseshoes above the house door, but her father convinces them not to kill him. She rides the pony and is slightly injured, meets a friend Rachel, they ride to Gremmel's valley which she is told is cursed, Midnight saves her from a swamp. Mrs Lydd gives her a charm to wear while riding him, they save a boy from drowning, Tracy visits a fortune teller who warns of dark things. Rachel decides to make those predictions come true so Tracy won't race the horse any more and sets fire to a haystack at their farm. Tracy runs away and finds Mrs Lydd at Gremmel's castle, who tells her Midnight is the guardian and he will try to kill her. He nearly backs her into a chasm, but her love for him breaks the curse and Mrs Lydd explains she is descended from gypsies and so knows this. Tracy decides to ride away with Midnight, they discover a dam near the village is about to burst and help open it, the gate keeper there comes to the village with them and tells everyone and they all decide Midnight is good and she can keep him.

The School Of The Lost...

When The Rain Falls...
Marcus and Amanda are slaves sold in market and separated, one night they both escape and are confronted by lions, but hear mysterious voice that takes them to the ark as it begins to rain…

Wolf Girl