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Douglas Perry


A Lead Through Twilight

A Voice From The Past
Selfish Tina quits her drama group's play because she doesn't have the lead, goes back into theatre and meets an old woman who shows her how to act the smaller part much better, finds an old portrait and realises that she was a famous actress of the last century, takes the smaller part and does it well 'act from the heart'.

Bernice And The Blue Pool

Come Into My Parlour

Shadow On The Fen

String Of Seven Stones
Bookended by Misty. Carol given a family necklace for her birthday and claimed it is lucky, she loses all seven beads but in process of getting them back they help lots of different people.

The Chase
One of two goldfish found dead in tank, [anonymous] girl looks in at other and is sucked into tank where he chases her and bites her leg, mum wakes her up and says just a nightmare but then she realises cut on her leg is real and can hear her mum in next room about to be sucked into tank.