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Carlos Guirado

Born: December 10th, 1945
Country of Origin: Spain


A Friend In Need (a)
Marla’s grandfather planted old elm tree near their house and various events show it looking out for her, ultimately it crashes to ground preventing lorry with failed brakes from hitting her ‘I know you did it for me, Elm… no matter what others may say… you were my friend to the last!’

Cold Comfort
Selfish shoplifting Molly wanders off from school trip after bus breaks down in blizzard and is taken in by what turns out to be the devil 'You'll never be cold again!' (4)

Croc In The Box
Sue is bullied at school, her 'imaginary friend' pet crocodile takes care of bully Mavis.

End Of The Pier...
Alison works at aquarium and loves the giant squid although her boss says they are monsters. He sells the place and she goes back spend last night there and say goodbye, a violent storm washes the place into the ocean and she thinks the squid is going to drag her into the depths but it saves her.

Hand Of Vengeance!
Fiona is given a ring by her uncle and told tale of how it was stolen along with a mummified hand from another family. Told not to wear it as cursed. She puts it on for a party and the hand taps its way to her window, she removes the ring and later they find the hand restored to smoothness wearing the ring.

Hard Harry's Last Game
Hard Harry has escaped from jail and is hiding under pier, woken by children and convinced to play their game, ends up trapped in quicksand just like they have been over the years.

If Only...
Poor Lois wants to swap lives with rich Kora, visits witch 'I will help you because you're a girl after my own black heart' (7) turns out kora is dying that's why she is spoiled

Mrs. Rossiter's Cats
Mary goes to visit old Mrs Rossiter with cakes but bullies take them and smash her windows, Mrs Rossiter reveals she is a witch and turns them into cats

Nobody's Child
Carrie is an orphan and pickpocket on historical London streets (‘All right, so it’s wrong to cheat and steal, but wot other chance did I ‘ave? Wot other way can I live?’) and mongrel dog starts following her and preventing her thefts, takes her to a pauper’s graveyard and Annie Dawkins’ grave, where an old lady tells her about her death due to thieving and that this is her dog, Carrie decides to go straight and final panel selling violets and making money.

Slave Of Time...
Lisa steals clock then realises it controls time and is trapped into winding it forever. panel borders removed outside time

In Oceantown people come and go often, new student Shelley is very slow and gets in trouble for tearing up school vegetable patch, doesn’t notice enormous storm one night and we are shown trail of slime as she is revealed to be a snail

So You Want To Be A Star
Ambitious Angie makes a deal with strange lady to record a pop song (‘I’m sellin’ my soul to you…’) and is a success, abandons her friends (‘her secretary said Miss Richmond was only interested in fans who pay their way…!’) seeks permission for song to go on tour which is denied – lady erases angie along with the tape (uses medium to show her fade away) (bit undeserved??)

Sure-Footed... To Eternity
Beppo the Donkey is loved by the Italian village he lives in since (flashback) he killed cruel landowner who forced him to carry him to nearby village but fell and was dragged to death

The Clock Maker's Daughter
Hans makes wonderful clocks and lives happily with his daughter Hylda, robbers come for money and push her over cliff, he recovers body and when villagers come to bear witness to the murder she is fine, revealed ‘You are my greatest clockwork achievement’.

The Collector (b)
Karen wants a holiday to Majorca, meets Mad Mary who gives her crystal ball to wish on so she can dream it, Karen refuses to return it and lies, and is forced to relive the same dream, then vanishes into crystal ball which Mary’s monkey steals and it shrinks to marble size to join her collection (piles on the horror in content and visuals!) (‘So many dreams… so many nightmares… ha, ha, ha!’).

The Dream House
Angie has dreams of herself crying in strange house, psychiatrist says because she is worried about father’s health and her future, they buy an identical house for cheap because it is haunted, after she realises she is the ghost and he will get better ‘Thank you, house You’ve made my dream come true…to help Dad get better…!’ interesting ref psychology

The Last Laugh
Ann goes to stay with cousin Sally on farm, who plays mean tricks on her, but appears to be scared of local legend of ancestor in gibbet and farm, so Ann starts reading there to avoid her, and opens locked room and finds moving chained body, runs away and it is revealed to be Sally, but she has wakened real spirit…

The Mark
Camilla has ‘turns’ that make her violent and destructive ever since blemish appears on her face, parents take her to a medium who is a fraud and performs exorcism, which works - medium gets the mark and the possession (angle of panels disguises mark on final page so we don’t realise until last panel) ‘Arrrgh! The demon found a new abode – in me!’

The Shop At Crooked Corner
Ellie buys goods from corner shop owned by two men, one good with one blue eye, one evil with black eye, then discovers they are both the same man ‘doomed to live two different lives’ in Jekyll and Hyde type scenario

The Wishing Bird
Mary given bird by neighbour and everything she wishes on it comes through (it is silently urging her on), makes third wish to be well just in time and bird dies instead.

Was It Just...A Game?
Nina is bullied at school and called a witch (Father often away and brings her back dolls from abroad), so decides not to go on school trip. Accidents happen to girls who were mean to her on trip, and final panel shows her enacting these with her dolls