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Blas Gallego

Country of Origin: Spain


Danger Demons At Work
When Betty takes off her glasses she sees demons instead of workmen, overhears them talking about domination and the everflame, she tries to tell everyone but nobody believes her, finally thwarts them by kicking everflame and them back down to hell as parents muse ‘Who on earth is she playing with down there?’ ‘Some new boy she’s met I expect my dear’ but she questions ‘All over? Or will they come up from another hole? Perhaps next time it’ll be YOUR road they’re digging up.’

Lynsey saves a dog from mean boys throwing it in lake, they kidnap him back for money, but Arthur barks for help and all the town dogs come and trap them in freezing lake.

Night Of The Dead
Jilly goes to stay with her gran, before she arrives conversation between gran and other villager that it is her turn to suffer; doesn’t drink cocoa as she doesn’t like it and overhears villagers say she is to be sacrifice against historic witch’s curse, runs away from zombies through graveyard and seeks sanctuary at place where witch was burnt, dead rampage through village kill her gran, in morning she is left alive but in shock and village ‘has joined the dead’

Sprig Of Heather
Polly sells lucky heather but mean stepdad takes all her money (‘I was a poor widow with a young family, Polly. I thought I needed a man’s protection’ feminist slant as stepdad is useless violent drunk) she picks more and meets fairies (‘Manikin’) who agree to help but she wakes up and thinks it was all a dream, only to find he has been press ganged while in the tavern.

The Cupboard
Narrator moves to new house, doesn't like it, finds mysterious cupboard under the wallpaper in her room, but when she uses it her clothes get thrown out over floor and at night they hear crying coming from it. Finds a message from a boy locked in there by his governness Miss Jessup and thinks he is the ghost but then told that he locked her in there and she starved to death. Ghost comes back that night but when her mum tells her that she is getting back together with her Dad it disappears - perhaps driven away by happiness.

The Devil's Dummy
Deirdre and Pam go to ventriloquist’s show and he makes a fool of Deirdre. Months later announces his retirement and buries dummy they go to dig it up and it shouts ‘THIEF!’ at them, they escape but Pam goes back and encounters ventriloquist who tells her dummy is possessed with soul of a vampire and story ends with possessed Deirdre calling for her boyfriend as he has bitten her.

The Ghost-Girl
Narrator moves to new town with family doesn't like house as next to creepy graveyard but comes round to it and is given a puppy. Sees ghost girl in graveyard looking for her dog who looks like her, names her puppy after the dog, shows her friend Amy who tells her it is the daughter of the previous vet who died, girl saves her dog from a car in identical accident to the one she died in.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
Criminals go to hide their loot in deserted lighthouse but encounter its keeper Andy who they shoot dead (fourth wall shot of gun firing at us), his daughter then enacts revenge on them and turns out she is a mermaid in final panel (EC style narration: ‘No, Wigg – you won’t manage it! You’ll never manage anything again…’)

The Not So Genial Genie
Protagonist finds genie in bottle on deserted beach and releases him but turns out to be evil and claims he will conquer earth, she convinces him to demonstrate his power (‘All I’ve seen so far is a big puff of smoke. And it ponged so much you should be ashamed!’) and he turns himself into a fly, which she swats.

The Revenge Of Granny Godber
Gang of girls bully old woman in street and smash up her shopping, she goes home to garden and as she picks flowers they all feel excruciating pains in legs, and then next day notice their faces begin to wither like flowers. Direct address at end ‘You won’t bully strange old women in the street, will you, girls? Who knows what kind of gardens they might have?’

The Smile Of An Angel...
Jenny’s scuba club are looking for a wreck, she is warned away by ghostly figure called angel, next day looks again and her leg gets trapped but then she is freed by figurehead falling and realises this is the girls she saw and boat is called The Angel and vows not to tell.