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Vulcan Issue 66

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Date:May 29th, 1976
The date on the cover is incorrect. Based on the story parts included, it must be issue 66. In addition P4 promotes the Lion Holiday Special, onsale June 3, which fits May 29th much better than a March issue.

Mytek The Mighty
Page 2

The Spider Versus The Crime Genie (The Spider):Part 2
Page 5

The Sword Of Eingar (Karl The Viking)
Page 9

The Sword Of Eingar (Karl The Viking):Part 2
Page 11

The Rise And Fall Of The Trigan Empire
Page 13

Blood On The Prairie
Page 19

The Steel Claw
Page 21

Kelly's Eye
Page 25

Billy's Boots:Part 19
Page 29

Billy's Boots:Part 20
Page 31