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Tiger Issue 576

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Date:November 6th, 1965
Price:7d (2.9p)

Nelson Lord T.I.G.E.R. Agent
Page 4

Spike And Dusty - Frogmen Spy-Hunters (Spike & Dusty):Part 21
Page 28

Dragons Of Saturn (Jet-Ace Logan):Part 9

Johnny Cougar:Part 189

Mick Of The Manor

Olac The Gladiator And The Rebels Of Rome (Olac The Gladiator):Part 12

Rob Roy:Part 6

Roy Of The Rovers:Part 570

Skid Solo:Part 90

The Jailbird Commandos:Part 16

The "M" Man (Val Venture):Part 8

The Valley Of The Monsters:Part 16

Typhoon Tracy:Part 89