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Spellbound Issue 9

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Date:November 20th, 1976

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange
Polly arrives from orphanage at Grimstone Grange for her new position and receives an unfriendly welcome, that night she finds a locket and thinks she sees someone outside her window, she overhears talk of the garret room and goes up to wipe the window but sees someone inside and falls into the room.
Page 3

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 9
Laura gets a new performance and has an odd feeling about it, she sees the old man again who tells her Wanda had a bad night there when she let her assistant die in a fire and then he vanishes and she sees him in a photo of the household from 1875, she throws the ring down the well in hope water will protect her from the witch's curse.
Page 10

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 9
Celia is on her last chance after the horse box, there is a competition to write poem about cats and she realises Vandermast is Lucifer and will switch her poem for one insulting the governors, hopes that Anne will be the one to read it as she is protected by necklace, but it is handed to Ruth.
Page 13

The Doomed Ones (Supercats)
The crew visit Electra's home planet Lumenar but it is in quarantine, Electra goes anyway and discovers her parents have been replaced by aliens who have stolen their powers and left them to age, it happens to her too and her double contacts the ship but the crew realise it is a fake (to be continued).
Page 16

When The Mummy Walks:Part 9
Miss Brisson commands the mummy to attack them and she brings down a wall, trapping them in a tunnel where they find all the loot and a secret way out, they go to police and say they have accidentally found all the treasure from the robberies, Miss Brisson vows to get even.
Page 21

Lonely Lucy:Part 9
Lucy befriends the hound of the hall and escapes, but falls into a pool of water and cannot climb out, when John discovers her.
Page 25

Night Of Fear
Narrator describes a terrifing encounter in bedroom but end of story reveals she is acting in a play of Dracula and her fright is stage fright.
Page 28

The Ring Of Terror (Damian Darke)
Lavinia has her fortune told at fair and is warned that the scarab ring she has will only cause misery, her sister falls ill and she smashes the ring and her sister recovers.
Page 29

Out Of The Moorland Mist
Narrator and her mum pick up a hitchhiker and mum mentions a girl who fell from her horse and drowned in bog, girl vanishes from back of car leaving only mud and horsehair and they realise she was a ghost.
Page 32