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Spellbound Issue 8

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Date:November 13th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 8
Jenny and Bob go to tell her father, but mummy scares the horse and in the coach crash they lose the ruby while Miss Brisson convinces her father Jenny is fanciful and he refuses to listen to her. They go back to the secret lair to get more evidence but it is a trap.
Page 3

The Scent Of Violets
Narrator becomes friends with famous writer and admires her eagle tapestry and steals it, but dead secretary's typewriter reveals it was her.
Page 7

Lonely Lucy:Part 8
Lucy outwits the gypsies and eaves with Midnight, she gets lost but Midnight finds the Hall and John, she asks him not to do the robbery but he imprisons her.
Page 10

The Return Of The Sorrow Sisters (Damian Darke)
Cissie and Betsy in 1926 heading to a village for their holidays but when they arrive it is deserted, finally they realise that they are the ghosts.
Page 13

Garden Of Evil (b) (Supercats)
The crew are on a mission to rescue a missing research team, when they arrive at the planet all the plants attack them, they find the scientists who say they discovered a mineral that made the plants grow and one is controlling them, they destroy the giant mushroom with an excess of fertiliser and get away.
Page 16

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 8
Steve tries to burn Star alive and fights with John, but Debbie and Ginger ride Star out of the cave and take Steve to her father where they discover he was bribed by an old rival. Steve is arrested and Debbie's father apologises to John. A week later they enter Star in a race which he wins, and Chris and John get married the following month.
Page 21

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 8
Laura has another tantrum and Ellen plays for her teacher who decides he has had enough and will teach her instead. Laura meets an old man in the family house who tells her Wanda had mystic powers as well as musical gifts and then vanishes.
Page 25

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 8
Celia casts a spell to stun Aunt Armida so the two don't meet, the real Miss Redding sees Lucifer turn into a cat and faints, Celia rescues her bird but also turns the statue to life and quickly reverses the spell, but then falls under a spell of Armida's that makes her giggle constantly as she calls for an ambulance to take Miss Redding to hospital, getting her into trouble again as what turns up is a vet's van for 'an old nag'.
Page 29

The Daring Young Girl
Narrator Margaret watches her sister Marissa on the trapeze and vows to help her when she freezes, she summons the spirit of their dead twin which gives Marissa the courage to make the jump in their performance.
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