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Spellbound Issue 7

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Date:November 6th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 7
Burglary reported, Jenny and Bob follow the mummy into a secret passage under a tomb and take a ruby as evidence, Miss Brisson sets the mummy in hunt of them.
Page 3

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 7
Laura resolves not to fight Wanda any more and sneaks out to use piano at main house so her father unlocks theirs. She plays in more performances, and in one bewitches the audience to dance wildly.
Page 10

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 7
Steve overhears Debbie and discovers Star and goes there to sabotage him because he caused the first accident, Chris follows him and discovers that the stranger is John, Debbie awakens and fears there is something about to happen to Star.
Page 13

The Captive Castaway (Supercats)
The crew rescue an old man in response to his SOS but he reveals he has been under sentence on the planet after killing a prince thinking he was a bird, his sentencers agree he can be freed as they did not realise humans age so much compared to their race.
Page 16

Swamp Of Evil (Damian Darke)
Lady Gladwell invites money lender Jethro Stern to her house and shows him her creepy paintings, which detail people he has ruined, he refuses to leave town and she lets him leave but he realises he is trapped in the swamp in one of her paintings.
Page 21

No Morning Tea, Thank You
Page 25

Lonely Lucy:Part 7
Lucy overhears John and the others' plan of murder and robbery but that John will not do it without Midnight, she resolves to keep him herself but runs out of food and goes to find John, taking some work at a farm on the way and Midnight is stolen by gypsies, she threatens them with her left-handed witchery.
Page 26

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 7
Celia realises Aunt Armida has taken on Miss Redding's form, she insists on going to the grotto but stops short as she can't cross Celia's spell circle, the mynah bird chases her away but she turns him to stone and Celia discovers this, the grotto is bricked up and the real Miss Redding returns.
Page 29

When Snow Falls At Midnight
Narrator Dorcas and her mistress are lost in the snow and follow their aunt's dog but when they make it safely to the house they are told he died a week ago and Dorcas realises he was a ghost and left no paw prints on the snow.
Page 32