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Spellbound Issue 6

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Date:October 30th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 6
Miss Brisson dispatches the mummy to steal the artefacts of her tomb from the man who found them, Jenny follows.
Page 3

Voices At Midnight
Narrator finds a pestle and mortar in garden on halloween and is disturbed by ghostly visitations, discovers they belonged to a girl burnt as a witch and reburies them and the visions stop.
Page 7

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 6
Laura nearly gives away her secret to audience member but Wanda stops her, she tries to cover up the portrait but a black bird knocks away the cover and also hurts her mother by knocking her down and leaving gas on, Laura's father has enough of her rudeness and locks the piano.
Page 10

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 6
Mr Thorpe's horses come last again and it looks like he will have to close his stables, Star continues to improve and Debbie realises the stranger reminds her of John in many ways, he points out that Star gets skittish when Steve passes by and maybe Steve caused the accident.
Page 13

The Deadly Daffodil (Supercats)
The crew are hunting for some missing spaceships, they land on a plant and realise everything there is an illusion, they take tablets to break this and are attacked by a robot which they destroy, breaking the hypnosis on the other space crews.
Page 16

Hunted In Haunted Wood (Damian Darke)
Lynn and Joan explore a wood on halloween that is said to be haunted by witches, Lynn loses her bracelet and goes back later and sees shapes all around her but clings to a shining ash tree and they disappear, and DD concludes that the ash tree was used as protection against witches.
Page 22

Lonely Lucy:Part 6
Lucy hides out at John's hideout waiting for him to return, she rides Midnight to exercise him, and escapes on him when soldiers come looking for John, she hides out at an abandoned inn and then sees John and other men talking through the window.
Page 26

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 6
Celia finds a secret passage and returns to the dorm in time, Lucifer tries to reveal the passage but she casts a spell to make it seem that Ruth is miaowing, Celia catss a forgetting spell on Miss Redding but it goes wrong and she forgets everything whcih gives Aunt Armida an idea.
Page 29

The Scratching On The Pane
Narrator tells of the time when she stayed at a friend's house for a Halloween party and heard scratching on her window all night, although there was nothing there, but in morning they found large scratch marks on the glass.
Page 32