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Spellbound Issue 5

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Date:October 23rd, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 5
Miss Brisson decides to get rid of Jenny and Bob who hide in the museum that night, and she commands the mummy to hypnotise them and plants stolen brooches on them, but Jenny's scarab ring protects her and she and Bob put back the stolen items in time.
Page 3

The Tunnel
Ann is nagged by a gypsy boy to take him with her on ghost train, he tells her his father was a pirate and she accuses him of lying, he disappears and she finds a treasure chest with his father's name on it but leaves the gold coin in it behind, decides it was all a dream but still has bruise on her chest from the treasure chest lid.
Page 7

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 5
Laura removes the ring but a window slams shut on her father's hand so she puts it back on, she discovers Wanda had an assistant, when she performs in the concert with Ellen helping her she is rude to Ellen and one of the audience recognises her behaviour as Wanda's.
Page 10

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 5
The stranger stops the horse and saves Debbie, they try Star on some jumps and he starts to improve, another of the stable's horses falls in a race while Debbie is listening on radio, Star is excited by the commentary.
Page 13

Supercats And The Mystery Of Brogarro (Supercats)
The team are tasked with stopping the war on this violent planet, they appeal to the women but are rebuffed on both sides, then demonstrate their technology and show them the death war causes and the women stop the men from fighting and the Supercats teach them sport instead.
Page 16

The Phantom Barge (Damian Darke)
Christine and her family see a mysterious barge and are told its story by locals - a mutiny took place and gold was stolen and the witnesses killed
Page 22

Lonely Lucy:Part 5
Lucy is beaten but John sees this and holds up the owners' coach and he frees Lucy.
Page 26

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 5
Vandermast chases mice and later in cat form attacks Merlin the Mynah bird but Celia saves him, she goes to the grotto but Ruth locks her in and tells the head.
Page 29