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Spellbound Issue 4

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Date:October 16th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 4
Jenny and Bob catch up with the mummy and also see Miss Brisson but then lose it again and return to museum, Jenny sees Miss Brisson commands the mummy back to its tomb in name of Set and Jenny feels her scarab ring tingling, the next day they discover the house was burgled and Jenny researches the mummy and Set but Miss Brisson catches her.
Page 3

Echo On The Wind (Damian Darke)
Susan is convalescing by beach after losing her memory in an accident, finds a dog while out walking, and when he nearly drowns she saves him and regains her memory from her accident, but when she returns home is told that a dog called Rags drowned there years ago, DD ends tale by asking 'What do you think?'
Page 7

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 4
Laura returns to school and teachers applaud her gift, she takes a friend with her to piano class to help her with her playing and Wanda is rude to her and the teacher.
Page 10

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 4
Debbie continues to visit and ride Star and sees that the animals trust the stranger, but when she rides Star realises he has lost his nerve and after a stall he gallops off with her on back, towards the stables.
Page 13

Planet Of The Flowers (Supercats)
The Lynx is damaged in a meteor storm and so they set down on a planet of beautiful flowers who seem to be sentient. Flora and Electra explore and are taken to the Queen who tells them about invaders (weeds) and in a plan to help they take off and spray chemicals to make it rain which saves the plants.
Page 16

In A Quiet Country Churchyard
Morag is sure she will never see a ghost despite being told about Grey Lady in churchyard, goes there to draw and is helped by a lady with grey hair, but when she goes home her Gran tells her that was the ghost and the parts of her picture she drew have vanished.
Page 24

Lonely Lucy:Part 4
Matron takes Lucy to nearby mine where she is to work underground, that night she sneaks out of the new dormitory and stays with Midnight to sleep, but oversleeps and is late for her shift. She is set to sort the coal above ground but is clumsy as she is cold and tired, and when the rich owner's daughter mocks her she answers back and the foreman hits her.
Page 25

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 4
Celia manages to convince everyone the fire was just a magic trick but Ruth discovers the book under her pillow and swears to get at the truth. Celia is asked to be in the play and Ruth volunteers to help her, returning the book to her, but the performance ends in chaos as the mynah bird Celia has bought becomes agitated, shouting 'cats' at Mr Vandermast.
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