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Spellbound Issue 3

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Date:October 9th, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 3
Jenny and Bob decide to keep watch that night and follow the mummy and see it hypnotise a policeman who accosts them - they lose track of the mummy and it steals jewellery from a house.
Page 3

The House Of Palgrave (Damian Darke)
Victorian lady Maria buys a house that is claimed to be haunted and many mysterious things happen and she is nearly killed. She is rescued by descendents of the Palgraves and marries one of them, breaking the curse.
Page 7

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 3
Laura performs in a recital and is offered lessons by a famous teacher, Wanda controls her speech too so she argues with him over her interpretation but he agrees to keep her as a pupil, when she goes home she throws the ring out the window and it crashes down, cutting her face and the ring reappears on her finger.
Page 10

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 3
Debbie and Ginger discover a mysterious stranger in the cave who gives them some advice about Star, they return late to the stables and her Dad is grumpy, that night Debbie can't sleep and sees the mysterious stranger outside the house.
Page 13

The Wandermen Of Kree (Supercats)
The Supercats are on a rescue mission to find inhabitants on Kree which has been poisoned by a space collision. Fauna goes to the planet to investigate and is reminded of her childhood there and discovers her childhood friend and saves them.
Page 16

The Mistery Of Mandrake's Cabinet
Narrator goes to a circus show and paticipates in a vanishing trick where she meets his assistant who then disapears and the magician announces that his assistant was killed a few weeks ago.
Page 21

Lonely Lucy:Part 3
The cat helps Lucy and the girls decide she is definitely a witch and everyone is nicer to her out of fear. She visits Highwayman John and offers him her gold bracelet if he will stay away from crime. When she returns to the orphanage the matron tells her she has found a new place for her.
Page 23

The Curse Of The Demon Drummer
17thC family Sarah is visited by a beggar but her father has him jailed and takes his drum and the family are then haunted by a drumming sound. The beggar is accused of witchcraft but not convicted and Sarah gives him a penny and he leaves and the drumming stops.
Page 26

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 3
Ruth takes the paper with her spell on to a teacher and so Celia casts another spell to vanish it, but it goes wrong and she sends both teacher and paper to the rubbish bins, but rescues them. She discovers an abandoned grotto in the grounds where she can practice her spells, and hears that a new teacher called Vandermast will arrive soon and recognises the name which is an alias of Lucifer, Armida's cat, and so Armida burns her reference book.
Page 29