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Spellbound Issue 25

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Date:March 12th, 1977

Hetty In The House Of Secrets:Part 4
Hetty agrees to see a doctor to confirm she is not hysterical but misses his appointment chasing a runaway horse and saving a man.
Page 3

Zodiac Girl:Part 4
Miss Starr tells Diana that the stars may change her aunt's mind in due course, Emma's hosue has a break-in, Aunt Cassie discovers she has lost all her money in investments and agrees Diana can work.
Page 7

Beware The Mystery Dolls:Part 4
Vicky sneaks out at night to spy on Venner and Franz, find them animating a doll with wax from the Pharoah's tomb to help with Venner's 'revenge', slips on ivy but Paul is watching and makes Venner believe it was a cat although she remains suspicious and goes to check Vicky's room.
Page 12

The Tapes Of Terror (Supercats)
Crew answer a distress call from Planet of Peace, tapes have been stolen that allude to its warlike history and are being used to start a war, they destroy the tapes and head for Earth.
Page 16

Dangerous Days For The Tiny Taylors:Part 4
The family chase after Jane and find the island's old research centre, along with other tiny animals, they suspect it is a leaking cannister, attacked by crab and realise Mickey the dog has shrunk too.
Page 21

Between The Bridges (Damian Darke)
Nicky on school trip to London, falls into river and transported into past where she is saved by a boy, Simeon, and accused of being a foreign spy, throws self back into river and wakes up again in own time.
Page 24

Paula:Part 4
Physiotherapist Hilary is assigned to Paula and realises someone has put golden acacia scent on her bed and violin to attract wasps and also tampered with tape, tells Paula.
Page 27

Poison Penny:Part 10
Everyone converges on police station as Mrs Hallam goes to report stolen books, Penny is revealed as the thief and confesses to the girls and to her aunt, saying she did it to be somebody as her genius brother gets all the attention, they all agree to tell head but she has vanished.
Page 29

The Strange Ones:Part 3
The Strange Ones make a plant attack Miss Lennox who is going to police, when it has immersed her it withers and falls away and she has become like them, they insist eveyone else keeps practising ballet.
Page 32