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Spellbound Issue 24

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Date:March 5th, 1977

Hetty In The House Of Secrets:Part 3
Kids lecture Hetty's mother on Queen Anne and that night Hetty sees them learning next lesson with mysterious woman, they set her up as having stolen and ruined a valuable antique book.
Page 3

Zodiac Girl:Part 3
Leona Starr tells Aunt Cassie she is being deceived, and Diana admits she is providing designs for the shop, and promises to stop.
Page 7

Beware The Mystery Dolls:Part 3
Vicky continues to investigate after learning that the Colonel is dead, and overhears Venner saying they will fix her too.
Page 13

Sundown On Somorra (Supercats)
Crew sent to evacuate prospectors, but they are all affected by the sun except Hercula who had her back to monitor, and startacting crazy, she saves them all and they escape.
Page 16

Dangerous Days For The Tiny Taylors:Part 3
John (father) scares off the mouse and daughter speculates that they have been affected by island that used to be used for experiments. They climb up a broomstick and open tin of beans to eat, go back outside and find their dog Mickey but he runs off with Jane (mother) on his back.
Page 21

When Time Plays Tricks (Damian Darke)
Sally has a mysterious illness and wants to go and visit her penfriend, she does but his house and everything else is not there, she is about to give up but then sees him, doesn't introduce herself and discovers he is about to move in there and all the letters she has from him are from the future. 'Strange, don't you think, and doesn't it make you wonder?'
Page 24

Paula:Part 3
Paula has a sleepless night after wasps surround her outside moquito net, tutor suggests she make a tape for her father but he doctors it so it sounds like she hates the violin and her father has another relapse.
Page 27

Poison Penny:Part 9
Sandra sneaks out without being seen, Penny steals the magic book and tries to scare girls with it, Sandra comes up with a plan of a fake letter about her fictitious sister Carol hiding from police to set Penny up who goes to report it.
Page 29

The Strange Ones:Part 2
They call off the plant and say nobody will come to harm as long as the school continues as normal with the Strange Ones in charge, the teachers and other girls plot to go to the police but the Strange Ones can read their thoughts.
Page 32