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Spellbound Issue 23

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Date:February 26th, 1977

Hetty In The House Of Secrets:Part 2
Hetty runs away so her boss will keep her mother on, he finds her suffering from exposure and reconsiders his anger, that night she finds the kids tearing up their mother's old stuff to set her up and she gets locked in room but escapes in time.
Page 3

Zodiac Girl:Part 2
Diana's zodiac designs continue to sell well but her aunt is jealous of the time she spends on it, a stranger Leona who is an astrologer befriends Aunt Cassie.
Page 7

My Guardian Angel
Stella follows ghost of her sister Caroll which saves her from being on a train that crashes.
Page 12

Beware The Mystery Dolls:Part 2
Venner explains they are clockwork, Franz warns her again to leave, she delivers a doll to the Colonel as asked, but it climbs out of box and kills him and returns home with blood on it.
Page 13

The Imposter (Supercats):Part 2
Hercula breaks the chamber and they escape and find the real Professor held captive
Page 16

A Present From The Past (Damian Darke)
Susan visits her long-lost aunt who gives her a casket of jewels to help her with dream of opening a children's home, but when she wakes the house is crumbling and her aunt has vanished and she is told that the house fell down ten years ago, but she still has the jewels.
Page 21

Dangerous Days For The Tiny Taylors:Part 2
They climb in through a broken window and try to telephone for help but can't be heard, Jane is knocked onto floor by the receiver and they camp out there but a rat is watching them.
Page 24

Paula:Part 2
Paula is brought flowers to help her practice but freaks out at a wasp, they go to see her father in hospital and a wasp flies out of her violin case, terrifying him.
Page 27

Poison Penny:Part 8
The girls decide Sandra has powers too and she gets her watch back from Penny and also discovers Penny helps with the post and steams all the letters open. She goes back to bookshop for advice but discovers Penny is Mrs Hallam's niece just in time.
Page 29

The Strange Ones
Three strange and identical girls arrive at school, behave oddly, are good at ballet, and make plants grow to attack a girl.
Page 32