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Spellbound Issue 22

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Date:February 19th, 1977

Hetty In The House Of Secrets
Hetty’s mother takes job as governess but Hetty sees ghost of master’s dead wife and is tricked by his kids into putting on her dress and he threatens to fire them.
Page 3

Zodiac Girl
Emma and her mum have failing dress shop, find a new designer but she has to keep her work hidden from her invalid Aunt Cassie.
Page 10

Paula injured in car accident caused by wasps, finds a new tutor to help her retrain at violin but he secretly wants revenge on her father.
Page 14

The Imposter (Supercats)
Supercats sent to escort a Professor but discover he is an imposter and he tries to gas them.
Page 16

Dangerous Days For The Tiny Taylors
Family holiday to remote Scottish island but shrink after being sprinkled with water, reach cottage but can they get in?
Page 20

The Rocking Chair (Damian Darke)
‘From the book of DD, a strange tale-’ Beryl offers to feed neighbour’s cat while away, sees old woman in rocking chair, is told when she returns that this was ghost of her sister ‘Well, did Beryl really see a figure in the old rocking chair? Only Beryl knew, but one thing is certain – she won’t offer to look after Miss Agnes’s cat again – ever'.
Page 23

Beware The Mystery Dolls
Orphan Vicky goes to stay with Madame Venner in house of waxworks and discovers walking dolls that attack her.
Page 26

Poison Penny:Part 7
Sandra decides to turn tables on Penny and pretends she is psychic after hearing phone conversation and meeting her brother, then the police arrive for Penny.
Page 29