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Spellbound Issue 21

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Check Mate

Mystery At Howlen Hall

The Fair Elvira

The Shop At Shudder Corner

Date:February 12th, 1977

Poison Penny:Part 6
Sandra goes back into room and discovers that she can hear conversations in the Head's office through fireplace; the girls won't side with her but help her out.
Page 3

The Doves Of Sorrow
Miss Hatherleigh tells visiting girl story of Lady Caroline, who loved birds, her wicked cousin Edgar tries to burn her dovecote, she saves her doves and her friend Tom saves her, but she is injured and dies, telling doves to forget me not and all future ones are born with crimson on their chest.
Page 6

The Mystery Of The Great Magi
1900 and orphans Sue and Molly sell violets for mean Mrs Grim, they find an old key and watch a magic show in empty theatre, magician gives them food and silver, Mrs Grim sees this and goes the next day to beg, he locks her in a cupboard and never seen again, his stage show actually ended ten years ago and orphans given a better home.
Page 12

Check Mate (Supercats)
2077 and futuristic chess tournament, the winner vanishes on way home and Supercats investigate, they find he has been kidnapped by nearby planet who hunt him as part of a live chess match and they save him.
Page 16

Mystery At Howlen Hall (Damian Darke)
Prudence goes to visit her cousin at her old house after receiving an exciting invitation to go ghost hunting, is told by servants that she has gone away but doesn't believe this, encounters old woman in middle of night and housekeeper tells her truth the nect day, that this is her cousin, aged by whatever she saw when trying to raise the ghost - she never recovers.
Page 21

The Fair Elvira
Set in past - shipwreck and men die, figurehead is lost but daughter Jennet finds it, some nights later there is another storm and the figurehead taps on all the windows in the street to wake them and save the crew.
Page 25

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 8
Girls given china cottage nightlight holder to deliver, transported back to a cottage that looks just like it and discover they and many other girls are imprisoned by old lady and made to work on garden as she has magic control over plants; they escape by boat and return to their time.
Page 28