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Spellbound Issue 20

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Chess Can Be A Deadly Game

The Pheasant Screen

The Shop At Shudder Corner

Date:February 5th, 1977

The Pheasant Screen
1842 Millicent and Dexter are engaged, he goes on a voyage and brings her back a screen that is cursed, it haunts him with visions of a bird and he dies in an accident.
Page 3

Chess Can Be A Deadly Game (Damian Darke)
Melanie staying in country, follows her dog to an old house with clipped chess hedges, sees a battle - did she imagine it?
Page 10

Poison Penny:Part 5
Sandra tries to buy magic books to fight Penny but shopkeeper Mrs Hallam tells her to look more closely for her tricks, but when she investigates her room the voices begin again even though Penny is not around.
Page 13

The Deadly Doubles (Supercats)
Supercats visit Zoltans and are accused of robbery, imprisoned and then rescued/kidnapped by Rafflic who has made androids of them, they escape and prove their innocence.
Page 16

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 10
Miss Blake's friend hypnotises Sally who remembers how the Scarlet Stars work, the Post Office tower falls, a tape to police from Sabbatha demands children to take away on her spaceship, Miss Blake and Sally go to the police who investigate their story, Sally finds the last two stars in time and throws one onto spaceship and plays the tape and it explodes and choir's hypnosis wears off. END.
Page 22

The Tale Of Twelve Chimneys
Narrator enticed into spooky house where a chimney sweep died by a girl she meets, falls and hits head, when she comes round a boy has saved her and reveals that the sweep who died was female.
Page 27

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 7
Girls shine torch on old chair and transported back in time where they help a girl escape from witchfinder, he captures them but chair imprisons him and they escape.
Page 28