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Spellbound Issue 2

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Date:October 2nd, 1976

When The Mummy Walks:Part 2
She follows the mummy and sees Miss Brisson also following her. Nobody believes her and she and Bob the odd job boy investigate and find mud on the mummy's bandages.
Page 3

The Haunting Of Laura Lee:Part 2
Laura removes the ring from her finger, a figurine of her mother's is mysteriously broken, and the ring reappears on her finger.
Page 7

The Swan Child
Cassie's grandfather tells her the legend of the Swan Child - wicked stepmother Edwiga sends out daughter Hulda while her husband is away and she is rescued by swans.
Page 10

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 2
Celia breaks a window and Armida's cat Lucifer appears and is adopted by the head, Celia tries to summon a dog to scare it away but the spell goes wrong and she releases lots of dogs. Her schoolmate Ruth becomes suspicious.
Page 13

Supercats And The Spider Queen (Supercats)
The spaceship Lynx is trapped in a giant spider web but use their powers to escape.
Page 16

The Secret Of Silver Star:Part 2
Debbie and Ginger make a plan to exercise and heal Star, Pippa the stabe dog comes to keep her company, Debbie's sister Chris decides to go out with Steve. Debbie and Ginger visit Star but hear someone in the cave.
Page 21

Ghost Rider (Damian Darke)
Lindsay goes out on her bike in mist and picks up a mysterious stranger, they see the bridge is out and stop in time and he vanishes. Some days later she sees him in village and follows him, shining her light to reveals the bridge is out, and he manages to stop in time and thanks her.
Page 25

The Last Laugh (b)
Janet and Vi are not friendly as Janet caught her stealing once. She is tricked by Vi into breaking into Mrs Rathbone's house together as they think she is a witch, but Vi is the witch and vanishes leaving Janet to get the blame.
Page 28

Lonely Lucy:Part 2
Lucy helps the Highwayman who is injured and heals his horse, she returns to the orphanage to get food and they pretend to care for her in front of inspectors, but then are mean to her again and two girls challenge her to a fight.
Page 29