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Spellbound Issue 19

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The Shop At Shudder Corner

Date:January 29th, 1977

The Phantom From Florence
Cashio is haunted by memory/ghost of a girl he loved and abandoned, he fights a duel for her and dies.
Page 3

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 6
The girls shine the torch on a bunch of roses and transported back to 18thC where they help a highwayman escape using vase of flowers as a signal - the white rose follows them back to present day.
Page 8

Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 9
The man explains the history to Karen - an American plane called The Black Swan crashed in the marsh some years back and villagers went to help, but when they discovered it was full of gold they got distracted and let the airmen die and have been keeping it a secret ever since. The black swan and other birds attack the villagers, forcing the Haggar family into the pit, and Karen escapes and rescues her aunt, the man gives himself up to the police and they stay in Ludness.
Page 12

The Silent City (Supercats):Part 2
They are arrested by the locals but manage to communicate with them using sped-up frequency on a tiny transmitter, then they foil the aliens by turning off the planet's limiter on the electrical power in the atmosphere and the aliens leave.
Page 16

Journey Into Fear (Damian Darke)
Jenny and Denise on cycling holidays and shelter in an old inn, they keep thinking they hear creepy noises and leave, when they look back it is just a ruin, then told in the Youth Hostel it is on the site of an infamous inn where travellers would be robbed and killed.
Page 21

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 9
Sally and Miss Blake escape by waiting for the water to rise, they track Madame Sabbatha but can't stop her placing her star, that night the choir sing and the building falls, but although Sally is in audience she is hypnotised to not remember, the police receive a threat from Sabbatha on the next destination, the Post Office Tower in London.
Page 24

Poison Penny:Part 4
Sandra submits to Penny's wishes but meets another girl who collapses she is so scared, Sandra resolves to tell the head but when she does she is ignored, and then she sees head put money into a vase and decides Penny is controlling her too.
Page 29

The Story Grandad Told
Karen wants to leave school and get a job, she runs away to do this, while waiting for bus she meets her Grandad in café and he tells her his story of how hard life was with no schooling, so she decides to go back home but when she gets there he has just died and her mum tells her he opened his eyes at the end and smiled and said 'Karen's coming home'.
Page 32