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Spellbound Issue 18

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Poison Penny

Date:January 22nd, 1977

Poison Penny:Part 3
More girls are under Penny's spell, Sandra tries to find out what is going on but only discovers she has a creepy room full of laughing voices, Penny threatens her and Sandra gives her her watch.
Page 3

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 5
The girls are cleaning the shop and vow no adventures this week but shine the torch on a painting and find themselves on a boat in rough sea, they land and find an unlit beacon and a group of wreckers trying to wreck a ship on the ocean but instead it turns out to be a ghost ship and crashes into the island destroying the clifftop and they return home.
Page 8

Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 8
The swan causes a distraction and they escape but are pursued, Karen twists her ankle and her aunt goes on without her but is caught and the villagers try to put her in a hole in the ground, one says he wants nothing to do with it and runs off and encounters Karen while the swan distracts the other villagers from finding them.
Page 12

The Silent City (Supercats)
The crew respond to distress calls from Planet Tyran but the planet is deserted, they find a prison where the occupants are in distress from a noise, they release them and follow them to the source which is an alien craft that has attracted everyone and is about to blow up so the aliens can have the planet, they turn off the signal and send it into space where it detonates.
Page 16

The Broken-hearted Lady (Damian Darke)
Diana brings an old song to her folk song club about a Spanish lady in a wood, on the way home that night she sings the song and falls from her bike and sees the ghost of a Spanish lady approaching her house, she realises this is a ghost who loved her grandfather but came to England to find him married must have then died in the wood - she finds a small crucifix on the ground made of Spanish silver.
Page 22

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 8
Sally and Miss Blake are taken to hospital under police escort, they are about to escape down fire escape when Sabbatha disguised as a nurse drugs them and imprisons them under Brighton Pier where they will drown and reveals her plan to take down two more landmarks.
Page 25

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 10
Louise remembers a trapdoor she used in the previous fire and they escape into an underground river, they are found and the hall burns down, the Gaunts escape but are delirious and Miss Gaunt threatens them both in front of everyone and they are imprisoned, the gem is sold and Louise starts a new life with Polly as her companion.
Page 28

The Blandford Train
Narrator is playing a game and discovers an abandoned train station with Old Reliable and his cat Tom to welcome her and keep watch for the Blandford train, when she finds her friends again she is told the station has been closed for 7 years, ever since he died.
Page 32