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Spellbound Issue 17

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Date:January 15th, 1977

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 9
They double back to the Grange and find the casket which contains a massive gemstone behind a brick in the secret passageway, but the Gaunts find a handkerchief of theirs and Fang picks up their scent and they come back to the Grange and catch them, Polly throws the lamp at them starting a fire and the girls end up trapped in the passageway.
Page 3

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 4
They use the torch on some horsebrasses and are transported to Victorian times where they get into a coach that goes over a cliff, they escape back home just in time and the uncle tells them that the brasses came from a mysterious crash in which only two of the four people in the coach were ever found and they realise the other two people were them.
Page 8

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 7
Sally and Miss Blake disguise themselves and follow the choir to Brighton, they see Sabbatha talking with a reporter and decide she has given him a star to destroy the Pavillion, they trick their way in pretending they are with him but when they confront him he rejects their ideas and the Pavillion collapses as the choir begins to sing.
Page 12

From Out Of The Storm... (Supercats)
Crew are caught in an electrical storn on way to Emor which appears like Ancient Rome, they rescue Tara, sister of the cruel Empress but are captured and she sends them to fight as gladiators, they use their powers to win and the crowd decide to worship Tara.
Page 16

Day Of Vengeance (Damian Darke)
Hannah is a grumpy washerwoman and Margot her only friend, Hannah gets visions of future but refuses to profit by them which angers the villagers, they beat her and leave her to die of exposure despite Margot's attempts to save her, Margot sees a ghostly vision of her beating 12 sets of clothes some days later and then the 12 elders who are now accusing Margot of witchery die as bulding collapses.
Page 21

Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 7
She overhears them say they must get rid of her and that they have committed murder before, while the meeting continues she climbs a ladder and finds her aunt but cannot undo the ropes holding her and they are both trapped although the swan is smashing a nearby window.
Page 25

The Snow Girl
Narrated by Nicky who is a loner and confronted by a snowgirl statue asking for help. She runs away and is hit by a car and realises the girl is the same one who asked her for help a few years ago when upset about her exam results, but Nicky ignored her and she was hit by a car and died. Ends with Nicky in hospital haunted by snowgirl who comes in through window.
Page 28

Poison Penny:Part 2
Penny puts a curse on another girl who defies her by playing in a tennis match and soon she is told her mother is very ill, Sandra tries to be sympathetic but it is unwanted, Penny tells Sandra she knows she has a gold watch and Sandra wonders how she gets her powers.
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