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Spellbound Issue 15

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Sing A Song Of Terror

Date:January 1st, 1977

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 7
The Gaunts break in and the girls jump into the river, they are carried towards a waterfall and grab a log but still go over, they make a fire and the Gaunts continue to pursue them, they need Louise to tell them something and for Polly to keep quiet.
Page 3

The Shop At Shudder Corner:Part 2
The girls return to the shop and sign the torch on an old walking stick, they are pursued by a ghostly hound and save a young boy from it, on return to present they are told that the hound was trained by his guardian to kill the boy for inheritance.
Page 8

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 5
Sally warns Miss Blake and they break onto the SS Great Britain to hunt for the star but don't find it as Sabbatha calls the police having overheard their plan, and the ship collapses as the choir sings that night.
Page 12

Danger! Child At Play (Supercats):Part 2
He reveals he has a 'copying machine' which brings his pictures to life and plays a dangerous game of red indians with Helen until the others find her and return Paul to his parents.
Page 16

Behind The Green Door (Damian Darke)
In Victorian times Grace and her brother sell matches for nothing for their mean boss Joe Sykes, they find a mysterious green door and are given extra money by the kind people inside, but the next day their employer becomes suspicious and follows them and opens the door, whatever he sees scares him and he is run down by a horse, and the children are taken in by the owners of the house.
Page 22

Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 5
The swan is acting oddly and Karen finds a woman in her room packing her things, she tells he she is her aunt and rushes her onto a train, Karen realises she is a fake from the letter she gives her and the swan stops the train by standing in its tracks.
Page 25

Girl In The Red Dress
Male narrator goes to a Christmas fancy dress ball and meets entrancing foreign woman, but she vanishes and he realises she has returned to a painting on the wall.
Page 28

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 15
Celia agrees to Armida's demands but tries to trick her by putting her amulet on the driver, protecting him, but Armida tries to outwit her by planting the coach in a hedge and setting it on fire, Celia responds with rain, and instruments to deafen her aunt's sensitive hearing, they return to school and Celia decides things have become too dangerous and she will confess and leave, but as she does so she sheds a tear and Armida appears saying that she has now lost all her powers and can stay at the school
Page 29