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Spellbound Issue 14

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Sing A Song Of Terror

Date:December 25th, 1976

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 6
Fang leaps but is tethered, the Gaunts return and are about to set him hunting Polly but she smashes their lamp and falls into the river, they think she has drowned but she climbs the waterwheel and finds Louise in the mill, she lies down to rest and the Gaunts return determined to make Louise recover her memory, they block the door but they get an axe to break it in.
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The Shop At Shudder Corner
Sheila and Jean help out at Jean's uncle's antique shop, there is a storm and the glass smashes in her torch but she finds a piece to replace it, though realises it has a pentacle scratched in it. She shines her torch on a spider paperweight and the spider grows to massive size and comes alive, it chases them outside and they are nearly caught in a web, but when they sign the torch with a narrow beam onto the spider it shrinks back into its paperweight. Jean's uncle tells them the paperweight was owned by a family of magicians, that night they test the torch on a poster of Stevie Star, but nothing happens, they decide it must be shone on a mysterious object.
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The Ghost Of Bad-Tempered Bess (Damian Darke)
Sylvie and Dolly tell each other ghost stories which she doesn't believe, but that night she is haunted by a ghost who plays tricks on her until she acknowledges she is real.
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Danger! Child At Play (Supercats)
The crew go to investigate the planet of Maybe, they struggle to find it on their screens but Helen investigates holding the 'visi-disc' so they can watch her, but she disappears, finds a race of clones who have been created by 'the master' which is a young boy.
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Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 4
It turns out to be Miss Blake they both follow her and see her throw something into a litter bin on the bridge, later the choir sing and Sally has a realisation, she and Miss Blake dash to the bridge in time to see it collapse and Sally explains the truth to Miss Blake. The police come to speak to Sabbatha but she hypnotises them and tells them Miss Blake is the suspect.
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Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 4
Karen investigates the house but has to return to the street to rescue the swan from some dogs, it flies away and she finds it later at her house but it hisses at her.
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I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 14
Miss Redding recognises the crystal as her own and calls Ruth to her office, Armida reveals the hidden items in the grotto to Ruth, Celia pleads for Ruth to be forgiven and because of this Ruth decides not to tell about the grotto, the next day they are on a coach trip and Armida takes over and demands Celia return home or everyone will die.
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No One Should Cry At Christmas
Narrator and her family hear ghosty crying in the night and are told is it of the Unwanted Child who never got presents at Christmas. That night the narrator is given her Christmas present of a music box but it disappears later and that night she hears the sound of music not crying. [Ends 'SLEEP TIGHT' addressed to reader in ghostly writing.]
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