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Spellbound Issue 13

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Sing A Song Of Terror

Date:December 18th, 1976

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 5
Polly tries to rescue Louise but fails, that nght she tries again but the Gaunts have taken her to the old mill, Polly follows but is cornered by Fang the watchdog.
Page 3

Don't Cry, Jennie
Narrator's friend Jennie is very sensitive and cries at everything, she wants to be an actress like her aunt who she idolises and who tells them old theatre stories, impressing the moral the show must go on, Jennie is cast as lead in school play and gives performance of her life, narrator finds out afterwards that her aunt died that morning.
Page 8

Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 3
Karen finds her house ransacked and pages taken from her aunt's diary, also a fake note from her aunt that advises her to leave; she then finds a real one saying she is being kept prisoner in the shop attic.
Page 9

The Secret Of Daisy Grave
Helen is warned against picking flowers by her gran who tells her the local story of a chinese girl and her dog who were cast off a ship for superstition and when her body washed up on shore it was buried there and her dog guarded it - those who pick the flowers have received ghostly bites. That night Helen takes a ball to the graveside for the dog to play with.
Page 12

Trapped In The Pages Of Peril (Supercats)
The crew visit planet Kronus for an observation mission and discover that the characters there are being controlled by a superbrain to act out stories of a book - Helen leaves her book there and life changes to a peaceful rural story.
Page 16

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 3
Sally is discovered by Madame Sabbatha but convinces her she is under her power, she visits Miss Blake in hospital and explains that Sabbatha is hypnotising the girls somehow, they go on to Anglesey and Sabbatha places a star on the Menai bridge but it is taken by a young boy who appears in their audience that night and when they sing the roof of the concert hall starts to fall. Later that night Sally follows Sabbatha but is grabbed by a shadowy figure.
Page 21

Friend Of The Fulmar (Damian Darke)
Jill and Denise get in trouble while out on their boat, they follow a mysterious gull to shore and are saved by a stranger who then disappears, later they see a picture of the gull and are told it is a Fulmar and the artist was close friends with it until he died, they realise these ghosts were who saved them.
Page 25

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 13
Television vans and reporters arrive at the school, Celia and Anne manage to prevent Armida from demonstrating powers and remove Celia's magical equipment from grotto but Armida magics it back into Celia's locker where it is discovered.
Page 29

Patsy All Alone
Patsy the dog (focaliser) is left alone after her master Tinker John dies, she stops eating and tries to find him but is hit by a car and taken to the vicarage where the vet says she will not live and that night she sees her master again and joins him and we realise she has died.
Page 32