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Spellbound Issue 12

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Night Of The Fox

Sing A Song Of Terror

Date:December 11th, 1976

The Dark Secret Of Grimstone Grange:Part 4
The Gaunts think Polly has discovered their secret but she tricks them by pretending she has been stealing food, she opens locket and finds picture of a mother and daughter, asks the verger in village and he identifies her as missing daughter of the hall, Louise, after mother died in fire.
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Revenge Of The Black Swan:Part 2
Karen helps the swan which is injured, the villagers continue to shun her although milkman gives her some milk to get rid of her when she thinks she sees someone at window of his store.
Page 8

Sing A Song Of Terror:Part 2
Sally is confused why all the girls love Madame Sabbatha and hate their old teacher Miss Blake who catches them up at Blackpool. Madame Sabbatha sends her to the top of Blackpool Tower and Sally goes after her, dragging her away as it falls down that night when the choir sings.
Page 11

Night Of The Fox
Narrator helps her father hunt and they chase an injured fox but only find an old man who laughs like a fox at them when they retreat.
Page 15

From The Mists Of The Past! (Supercats)
Supercats land on planet Saurus and discover it is prehistoric, they are captured by Tyrons but use the dinosaurs as a distraction to help them escape,
Page 16

The Legend Of Lady Anne's Necklace (Damian Darke)
Anne arrives at castle in 1876 and hears crying in the night, is told story of previous owner in portrait who lost her necklace and her husband and never smiled again, finds the necklace next day and leaves it in front of the picture, next day she is wearing it and smiling and the crying stops.
Page 22

The Phantom Hunt
Girls visit an old hall and struck by its atmosphere and told of the phantom hunt - Lady Abigail forced to marry against her will and on her wedding day hunt her love and her husband fight, killing her accidentally and mortally injuring each other, all of them die and her father is left crying at the hall, the girls' say that is what they have seen.
Page 25

I Don't Want To Be A Witch:Part 12
Celia convinces Head that Armida is a fake and has her arrested but she escapes from police car, vows revenge and sends circus animals to the school, Celia gets rid of them but next day there is an article in paper about possible witch at the school (courtesy of Ruth) and parents begin removing their children and it looks like the school will have to close.
Page 29

The Midnight Stranger
Nurse Rosie looks after her ill charge who keeps asking for someone, she dozes that night and when she wakes a man arrives to entertain with strange tricks, as he vanishes she realises he is the snowman her young master built that day and he wakes and says he is feeling much better and as she goes to him she steps on holly that the snowman was holding.
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